Warning: Cardi B, Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma Are Not Included

These days, the general public annoyingly acts like there can only be two popular female emcee’s at once. Which is weird because as a rapper myself, I hate doing shows that are overflowing with a trillion dudes in the crowd. There’s absolutely no such thing as hip hop without women of color. You’re a certified lame if women won’t come see you rap. You’re even more of lame if you don’t share the stage equally with women in the culture that have the talent to support their persona.

If it’s not on the front page of Tidal, Spotify, or Apple Music– then most people tend to act like it doesn’t exist. Here at DELUX, we believe its necessary to keep it real. I’ve wanted to create this list for some time now, so I decided to cook up a blurb about a few female emcee’s you should know about. Enjoy! 

*In no particular order


#1: Sa-Roc

This is my emcee sister at arms in the hip hop culture. I love Sa-Roc because she’s a rapper’s rapper. Relentless and uncompromising. Whenever we’re blessed to be on the same bill——the shows are always classic. The woman has co-signs from the likes of David Banner, Brother Ali, Black Thought, and the list goes on. She has a cult following as well and it grows with every release. There are rappers and then there’s Sa-Roc, pure bars, pure aggression mixed with my feminine energy. She’s one of the best spitters in the culture.

Her long time producer and DJ—Sol Messiah often provides the perfect boom bap sonic back drops to accompany her delivery. There are several times you may have heard me refer to this woman as possibly being the best rapper alive. She likes to rap, you can hear it in her bars. She’s currently signed to Rhymesayers. I also love Roc because she works HARD as hell. I hate lazy ass lyrical rappers. Being lyrical is not an excuse to be neglectful of the grind. She works hard as hell and she can rap. This list is completely invalid if Roc isn’t included. She’s amazing.



#2: OMB Bloodbath

OMB Bloodbath is another one of my favorite underground rappers. I first heard of OMB Bloodbath at a house party. We were chilling and smoking and a woman at the party asked me if I was familiar with this artist. I said nah and she turned on one of her videos. I was instantly enticed by what she was doing. This is the type of southern music I grew up on. She can rap and has space to become even colder in the future.

I relate to her because I feel like I know her. Her hood pass is good and her story matches her image. Everything is authentic with Bloodbath and once again she can actually rhyme. People discredit women emcee’s from the south more so than any other place in the culture. I love trap music, but most of the nonsense coming out these days isn’t authentically from the trap. She raps about her neighborhood and the fallen soldiers from her block. She has records where she talks about gentrification taking over her community. This is a rapper I like a lot. I’m hoping to work with her one day. Once  again another dope lyricist, and she literally never stops working.



#3: Lyric Jones

We can’t talk about Lyric without talking about how hard she works as well. She’s toured the world with Rah Digga and has been building out her brand for awhile now. We connected at a music festival back in the day. Since then, I’ve always been familiar with her moves. She’s originally from Boston, but her grind has taken her from Atlanta to the West Coast and she he has a decent following. I mean anytime DJ Premier rips one of your singlesit goes without saying you’re probably quite impressive as a lyricist. Nothing but TALENT right here. A real MC to the fullest degree. No sugar coating it nor watering it down. 

I think Lyric is really dope and I dig her image a lot too. I’m never mad at a dark skinned woman with a low cut rapping the way she does. I’m into emcee’s that can do everything. Just being able to rap isn’t good enough to impress me. I like her presentation of self, as well as her the presentation of her music. She’s dope and hasn’t completely broken through yet. Strong east coast delivery with solid beat selection and great charisma. It’s only a matter of time for Lyric Jones, she’s an underground staple. Eventually she’ll break through. 



#4: Cheech Forreign

One of my favorite emcee’s any day of the week. The only rap feature on my critically acclaimed “Black Julian 2” album. She’s repping Jacksonville Florida and we have a gang of unreleased music together. She’s working on her solo EP at the moment. Cheech is a natural talent and she rhymes from the heart which makes her easy to relate. Cheech can switch flows at the drop of a dime. She just has the ability to do whatever she wants as a rapper. Still waters run deep — thats the type music you get from this lyricist. Another artist waiting to break through and once it happens she’ll likely change a few things in the culture forever.  Jacksonville hip hop’s unofficial ambassador and hidden jewel.  (Pronounced Cheech For-rain)-Next level song writer, rapper, and singer.  

I’m not easy to impressbut I think she’s one of the best emcee’s I’ve ever met. She marketable as hell, and can write any type of song. She knows her talent and reps the south from a different lens than most. She’s also a super dope performer with plenty energy to accompany her lyrics. I like Cheech because she raps about life from a very honest and transparent position. One of my favorite emcee’s for all the aforementioned reasons listed above. Passion plus energy and honesty define Cheech.



#5: Bates

One of the reigning Queens of the underground in St. Louis. There are several female emcee’s in the Lou. Bates is not the only one but she certainly is one you can not host this conversation without mentioning. She’s a grinder and is constantly dropping new projects, new videos, new material in general. One of the most consistent rappers and she’s molding her own lane. 

Bates is a heads up type of emcee. She collaborates with men and women, and is truthfully one of the most tested rappers in Saint Louis. For the last few years, she has adamantly worked at building a cult following. Its real when you refuse to stop and that’s what Bates represents. Another artist I’m hoping to do more work with, but we haven’t got around to cutting anything new in awhile. She has a movement supporting her and she’s constantly giving us new shit to listen to. She’s a product of the St. Louis scene and she’s worth checking out if you’re currently sleeping on her. A super lyricist from the Midwest with a serious movement behind her. 



#6: Oompa

Boston’s hip hop scene is slept on right now. So many beasts are making noise in New England. This is one of the first super talents I heard of when I moved out here. Right now, Oompa is buzzing like crazy in the city. There’s arguably no space you can go in the hip hop scene without hearing a mention of this lyricist. There’s no argument with this one. The passion and the lyricist, plus the grind to support it. I’m hoping we can get some work completed together one day. Real talent right here. Same vibration as Tupac. Realism. 

One of the best performers I’ve met in a long time. When Oompa grabs the mic you can’t ignore the words hitting your earlobes. This is all unadulterated, pure real shit hitting you in a way that is unforgivingly clear about today’s realities. Boston is blessed to have this one. It’s only the beginning for Oompa. I can see movies and a decent career in acting being sprouted towards this emcee in the future.



#7: Juicille

Another war tested St. Louis female rapper with a surplus of content floating around on the internet. She took her grind to the west coast and intensified her movement. I’ve seen Juicille serve plenty of brothers lyrically. If its time to get busy, she gets busy and it’s a joy to watch. Respected by some of the best producers, rappers, and hip hop critics in the Midwest. She’s a product of St. Louis’s hip hop scene. I’ve witnessed her grow immensely in confidence and lyrical ability. Juice grew up in the Lion’s Den I saw her become a beast with my own eyes. 

The girl gets busy on the microphone and I can testify as a witness to how she rocks. I’m proud of Juicille for keeping it going, despite the many adversities she’s faced in the game. If you haven’t checked her music out get familiar ASAP. She’s a rapper with no gimmicks and is becoming one hell of a song writer. My fellow Hi Pointe alumni and open mic basher. She’s always been stamped by some of the realest ones in the city. Juicille is hip hop and its a joy watch her grow.



#8: Dutch Rebelle

I first heard of Dutch via SXSW. Nato Caliph put on a Boston/St. Louis Hip Hop show and she rocked it. She’s toured out of the country and is a mainstay in the Boston scene. Every city has super legends and their reputations seem to supersede them. Dutch is this for Boston hip hop. She’s a hometown favorite with a thick respected catalogue of music videos readily available for your consumption. I’m currently sitting on a record I’m hoping I can add her to. Her stage show has rocked international stages as well. 

She can rhyme and she’s also a very impressive songwriter. Her swag is so dope and she can sauce with a track while sparing over almost any type of instrumental. You could make the argument Dutch is the perfect combination of everythingcharisma, image, swag, flavor, attractiveness, business savvy, and uncanny lyricism. She’s exchanged bars with Fred the Godson and several other notable lyricists. She’s a staple in Boston hip hop. If you’re active in this city then you automatically know her reach is one of the longest.



#9: 3DNatee

It’s only a matter of time before she breaks through and can’t be dialed back in. An artist like this one could easily change the game. A bonafide super rapper repping New Orleans. Here’s a secret Natee is the sole reason I decided to write this article. She’s constantly dropping off merch at the post office, constantly ghost writing, and constantly bodying freestyles. Her social media engagement is some of the best you’ll witness. Her flow is comparable to the best rappers doing it despite gender. I’m waiting on her and Sa-Roc to collaborate. We couldn’t do this list without Natee. Not a chance in hell.  The last hope of New Orleans hip hop is Natee. 

A super emcee by all measuresgorgeous and super raw on the microphone. She has a cult following and is a serious business woman. I follow her faithfully and can’t wait to see what’s next. This is another one I’m trying to work with before its too late. All lyricism, no games, no tricks, no gimmicks. 3DNatee is pure talent,. I’ve seen people make the case that’s she’s the best lyricist alive. New Orleans needs a rapper like her to break through to the mainstream.



#10: OG Rach

Repping St. Louis and I’m mad excited about her career trajectory. Street music with plenty swagger, saucy delivery, and really rooted in the trenches. St. Louis needs something like Rach to break through. It’s authentic street shit with a purpose attached to it. Her latest record is titled, Queen of the Streets and I’d have to say I feel her boastful claims deserve some attention. Gutter music is popular in St. Louis, but she approaches the mic with a different type of aura than other female emcees. It’s real and you can tell it’s authentic. 

She said, “I was in the streets thugging, you was in the streets playing double dutch.” Another hot line was, “I’m good everywhere I go, but that don’t make me bulletproof.” Look, this is the type of rapping I like personally, because you can tell she ain’t lying. But more importantly is the fact that she has the talent to support her mission.



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