After what seemed like a never-ending cycle of candidate commercials, radio ads, door knockers and countless mail ads—we are finally free of the electoral campaign season. Unfortunately, we are not free of White America’s acceptance and content with racism. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself—content, acceptance, really? But keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

In the weeks leading up to midterms, three American cities endured heinous acts of hate crimes. One, a mass shooting, that took place at a Jewish synagogue in Philadelphia. Another was the killing of two black people in a Kentucky grocery store—which indisputably would have been worse had the assailant gained entry to the church he stopped at earlier. And then there were the mail bombs that several political figures (Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden the Obamas) and other celebrities received.

In all three cases, the domestic terrorists were white men whose criminal acts were incited by the rhetoric and hateful messages Trump and many of his political allies have used to provoke their base. To think this would have disrupted any chance of the Republican Party winning the House or the Senate would be a logical and reasonable assumption.

But not in White America.

It Ain’t Terrorism If You’re White

In White America, if a person does not say something they feel is “racist”, it’s overlooked. Some people may feel it is cavalier to point the finger at Donald Trump for the actions of these terrorists—but it is not, you can, and you should. If he were a cult leader and his followers carried out these kinds of acts on his behalf—people would have no problem blaming him for brainwashing said people.

Sure, he didn’t give them direct instructions to do it, however, his “buzz” words and disrespectful behavior were triggers to extremists who are willing to do what they feel is necessary to give power to the racism and white supremacy that has plagued this country for centuries.

Though Democrats succeeded by winning the House, the real winner on November 6 was racism. Racism was on the ballots this week. To be clear, no it was not spelled out in black and white as many stood in the voting booths—nor was it as simple as looking at the candidate parties. But trust me, it was there.

And still, America voted for racism.

Decades from Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement, it was clear the oppressive mindset is still working across America as many states held onto their red allegiance—voting against anything that was remotely opposite of white and right. Regardless to if it’s polite racism or direct racism, many white people in this country are either racist or apathetic toward systemic racism, and they are perfectly fine knowing it may never be or want it dismantled.

Don’t Cry For Me America, I Know You Really Don’t Care

Lyndon Johnson once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

And that’s what Donald Trump and the Republican party did. They picked the pockets of White America—the rich, middle, and lower class—while waving racism, bigotry, and xenophobia in their faces. The party’s leadership knew how to keep the closet and openly proud racists voting for them. They knew how to create the perfect form of misdirection, all the while, the rest of America was faced with the terror soon to follow.

Of course, I am happy for all the Black, Muslim, Hispanic and LGTBQ candidates, whom many ran for office for the first time and won.

But what does it really say about this country when people like Brian Kemp who has made a mockery of the voting system by cheating, still acquire a large percentage of Georgia votes? Years before he ever announced his candidacy to be governor of Georgia, Kemp had been accused of allegedly throwing away voter ballots, yet white people still voted for him because their racism would not allow a Black woman to hold the governor’s seat.

Better yet, what does it imply about this country’s Christian values when someone like Roy Moore, though he lost, can still manage to get white people to vote for him after being accused of committing egregious acts of child predator crimes?

It’s so obvious that a lot white people in America are afraid of any progression that resembles losing power. They are willing to sacrifice human decency if it means keeping minorities from holding positions of leadership.

So, what do votes for people like this really say about this country that is made up of countless amounts of immigrants?

It’s simple. Those votes state that although white people in this country know racism, bigotry, sexual misconduct, and xenophobia is wrong—many of them are willing to turn a blind eye for the sake of maintaining the white status quo. Their vote for these ideals is a declaration that they are perfectly fine with racism existing if the balance of power continues to shift in their favor.

And no, it doesn’t matter if the candidate is racist or misogynistic. Bottom line is, white people will vote white.

Confession: I Am A White Privilege Pessimist

In Tuesday’s election, 72 percent of non-white voters voted for Democratic candidates, while 73 percent of white voters voted for Republican candidates, with white women leading the votes for Republican candidates like “I’m not racist, I just support racists” Ted Cruz, “Block the Black votes” Brian Kemp and “Monkey this up” Ron DeSantis.

Though it may seem like a conundrum, it comes as no surprise which way their votes will always swing. Especially since 53 percent of white women put the Racist in Chief in office—after he admitted to casually sexually assaulting women—and they’ve been using 9-1-1 as their personal customer service line towards black people.

Instances like the abuse of 9-1-1, and racial innuendos are dismissed as a misunderstanding, white fear, or the media race-baiting and blowing things out of proportion. It’s a form of denial that has been passed on for generations, with no real desire to think differently.

Many of them may not say nigger out loud, grab their purses, or become defensive when they see a black person, but they have no problem voting for the people who do.

No matter how horrific racism may be, or how many times they tell themselves, “It’s about politics, it’s not about race,” it is, and it always will be.

And at the end of the day, White America will gladly pull the blindfold over their eyes if keeps their neighborhoods from being integrated, their bosses from being a minority, or maintains the quota of black and brown immigrants in this country.

They will never say it aloud, but we all know the truth.

White America loves racism.



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