Desperate times call for desperate measures. This following recipe of SKITTLE VODKA is insane.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet — but trust me it will be done– right next to the Jungle Juice.

The original instructions were quite long, but that’s because they like to state the obvious an awful lot. It really boils  down to this.

1. Separate your skittles into colours
2. Mix 60 skittles and approx. 180mL vodka in empty water bottles
3. Shake the bottles well and leave them overnight.
4. Lots of white residue will be left, filter this out using a coffee filter or similar. Depending how viscous it is you may have to repeat this step.
5. Chill (in freezer) and serve.

Much love –Chris J

This photo was taken before they’ve been in the freezer.

Hey if you do this before me… comment and send me back your pics!!! I may put them in the mag….  be creative, be sexy, be delux…

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