I’m always amazed at the issues white people pick up a sign for or sit behind a computer and complain about. What I am even more in awe of is the ridiculous amount of white tears they will cry over something as trivial as protestors blocking traffic—a concert being cancelled due to civil unrest—an animal being killed to save a human life—you know, stupid shit. I mean it is flabbergasting at how they will literally go as far as to whine and get upset about how someone is handling a situation, simply because it inconveniences them.

Not because someone was treated unfairly or was racially profiled and killed. Nope, they are only concerned about being inconvenienced, and will stop the earth from spinning on its axis if not fixed immediately. Lately, the overflow of white tears comes at the hands of Starbucks CEO, Kevin R. Johnson.

Due to a recent racial incident at a Philadelphia location—that lead to the arrest of two black men—Starbucks is closing its doors across the country (May 29) to conduct racial bias training for their employees to ensure something of this magnitude doesn’t happen again. Yes, you heard me correctly—racial bias training—in the year of our lord 2018. It seems even though we are decades from the civil rights movement, we obviously still need to teach white people, how to treat people that don’t look like them. Who would’ve guessed it.

Now I know you’re probably thinking…. what are the white tears for?

But, let’s be real for a minute. Everybody knows white people love Starbucks. It sits right up there with the National Anthem, the 2nd Amendment, country music, and green bean casserole. Admittedly, there are far greater things to cry over—racism—human trafficking—world hunger—or cancer, however, white people only seem to have tears for things that disrupt their day to day routine. Forget that American citizens are being falsely arrested for sitting in a restaurant, no we’re going to complain about not getting coffee for a day.

Now you’re probably going to say…. well black people drink Starbucks too.

It’s true there are some black people who will be affected by this act of stupidity—still we’re not going to write to Congress about it. Nor are we going to express our disdain by writing a ten-page letter to the corporate office. Real talk, it really ain’t that serious to us. Yes, it’s a place to grab some high-ass, popular coffee or somewhere to work, but most of us—even the extra woke ones—could care less if they closed forever.

One of the most exhausting facts about all of this is the fact white people are more concerned about them closing, versus why they are closing. Two black men were unjustly arrested, and all Barbara and Jim can think about is not getting coffee for one day. Yes, we know the employee was fired—thank you. But, that’s not enough because this should have never happened. Not to mention, this multi-million-dollar company isn’t really closing because of one incident. I would bet the $42.65 in my account this has happened a few times before, and this time, it just went too far. Now if you’re one of those white people who sits on the board of the peanut gallery—and feels this is just a bit much—ask yourself this, how many times have you and your friends been asked to leave Starbucks or been accused of trespassing? And then, arrested for it?


None—I know. So why can’t you see that this is a serious matter and if there’s not an immediate call to action, you won’t be drinking Starbucks at all? Matter of fact, where are your white tears for these two black men who are now in the system—and every time the police racially profile them—or they apply for a job—this will pop up.

Trust me when I say this white people…. we are tired of having to boycott shit every other month. We are tired of having to find new ways to get y’all attention about the racial BS you know you do on a regular basis. I don’t care how many black friends you have—how many cookouts you get partially invited too— how many Jay Z songs you can rap—or how your second cousin removed dates a black girl named Keisha. We’re just tired. Especially, when it comes to the selective empathy you drum up and tears you shed over Starbucks being closed— Harambe being killed—or police officers being worked overtime for a situation they created. We’re just over how you can’t see or relate to why any of this is occurring. Yet, you can find anger for unnecessary situations…. like this one.

Let me say this for all the people in the back. Yes, white people, we see you and we hear you. We are clear on the fact you may probably have a horrible day on May 29, and well I guess we could see how, but we don’t really care. Because until your race of people recognizes we are not guests in America—or second-class citizens—or here for entertainment purposes only —or whatever creative innuendo you make up about us, we will keep showing up and shutting your beloved businesses down. We will keep blocking traffic and making you late for work. We will keep making you feel the same level of discomfort you project onto us.

So, for all the white people reading this, just do better. Otherwise we will gladly sit back and continue to watch you cry a river of white tears.




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