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We have two of the most talented artist under the same roof  Black Pearl and Egad. Egad is a new up an upcoming company.  Egad is an artistic design company that facilitates a plethora of services such as body paint, tattoo design, graphic design etc. This can be used as a beneficial promotional tool for events/venues. Black Pearl has been providing quality services for 14 years in St. Louis, MO.  As the ceo of his own imprint BP ENT. He has artist such as Young Ro, Nu Money and Da Wild Boyz.  These two multitalented artist are coming together collectively to bring art to life.  This event will be held at the Venue (5960 Martin Luther King Dr., St Louis, MO, 63112) on April 3, 2010. Where you will see magic unveiled. Come out to support and be a part of history!

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