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Review: VibesSTL 2016


2720 Cherokee was lit on the night of July 30th for the fifth installation of VibesSTL. Vibes was an event every artsy individual should have attended. It not only gave you the opportunity to see what the underground art community of St. Louis has been cooking up, but it gave you the ability to network and connect with people in your same position.

Vibes featured a handful of visual artist featuring giant paintings to small pillows with African-Americans that look similar to you and I on it. This event hit my pocket because I wanted to support every amazing artist in the building and my money was well spent.

The performances were nothing short of amazing as well. From the fog machine, to the strobe lighting, 2720 Cherokee was a great move for this 3-year-and-counting event. A few of the performers that blew my mind were Bloom, Bryssa, Courtnie, Eric Donte, J’Demul and several other local rappers from the St. Louis area.

Bloom, in particular, has stepped her performance game up ten-fold. She came accompanied with a voice manipulation machine that allowed her to tweak her voice while performing, and to loop recordings that she did right there on stage. Another notable performer was Eric Donte who brought the whole crowd on stage with him and got teddy-bears tossed at him in support of his performance.

The performers and the visual artist looked like they were all having a great time and the crowd did the same. Every body knew each other and you could tell by the smiles and daps that ensued within the 2-storied building.

This VibesSTL was one for the books and the proceeds that went towards the Finesse Center were well earned. This event is only going to get bigger and if you have never set foot into a Vibes event thus far, make sure this next one is on your calendar.