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With an upbringing in the jazz and church community, Paige Alyssa is setting herself up to change how people view music with what she calls a “hybrid of pop jazz and gospel”.

Being raised in a church and graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Music, these factors have directly influenced her world and how she feels music empowers it. Growing up spiritual has the ability to influence a person for the best or worst. In this case, Alyssa’s mother being a supporting member of their church inspired her to pick up several instruments and dive into singing and writing music.

“I use my music as a tool to heal,” Paige says, “This newest album I recently dropped makes me feel good for several reasons. Those being because I’ve never been so completely honest with myself, this is my first time using female pronouns for terms of endearment and because this is the first album I produced myself.”

Paige was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri and identifies herself as an openly gay woman. Although that is something not looked at as positive in our community, that doesn’t thwart her from achieving and reaching everything she is setting out to accomplish in the music industry.

“Being openly gay does not effect my career as much as being black does. The bigger issue then being openly gay in this world is being openly black. People don’t see me in the streets and automatically assume I’m gay. They see me as black first and treat me differently according to that.”

Paige is unapologetically herself and that show’s in her newest EP by the name of, “Songs for Myself”. This EP premiered February 29th, 2016 and is available on Apple music, Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud for free.

“This EP’s production was inspired by my favorite producers: Teddy Reilly, Jimmy Jam, Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean. Aside from producers, the lyrics were written over a year’s time where I was at my lowest. After I got to college I realized that life has a way of humbling you so I gained a circle of positive people and they have helped me so much along this music journey.”

Paige gives gratuity to the people who have helped her along the way. She credits Beyoncé as being a determining factor when she decided to do music due to her humbleness and willingness to empower women. Paige also says her mom has had a positive influence on her craft as well as her Webster friends and her PR agent Darren Lewis.

“Its important to have positive people in your life because if you don’t have people willing to fight for you, you can end up in a bad position. I’m lucky to have these people that wont let me put out anything less then my best.”

To see this rising star slay the stage with her soulful voice and hip lyrics, come to Lilly’s – Music & Social House on April 8th. She will be performing songs from her latest EP “Songs for Myself.” Doors open at 5pm and their is a small cover at the door.