Nae Nae’s Naturals is a story about two parents, Terrence and Nevadra (Nae Nae) Johnson, who had three out of their four children suffering from eczema and dry scalp. The couple began looking for a natural remedy because the store bought steroid creams weren’t working and research taught them that they weren’t healthy in the long run. The Johnson’s never intended to start a beauty company or develop a product; but fate would lead them into an entrepreneurial journey as beauty founders. Before they knew it, their small family experiment soon grew to become Nae Nae’s Naturals, a company that creates natural, non-toxic hair care products that help women maintain and grow beautiful, healthy hair. Nae Nae’s prides itself on being a socially conscious business that believes women shouldn’t have to choose between what is good for them and what works best for them.

The company’s flagship product, Nae Nae’s Hair Boost,  was originally designed to help with scalp and skin problems. Nae Nae desperately needed a cure for Eczema and she spent years experimenting with natural combinations of herbs and oils before discovering the perfect blend of 19 all-natural and organic ingredients. To create Nae Nae’s Hair Boost, Nae Nae and Terrence combined natural ingredients like coconut, almond, and avocado oil with essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, and lavender until the texture was rich, creamy and relieved their children’s eczema while healing their skin. An unexpected bonus was that it caused their hair to grow faster, thicker, and healthier! After seeing the successful results, Terrence persuaded his wife to let him promote it on his Facebook page with local friends and family, all of whom experienced the same excellent outcome. This ultimately resulted in the product going viral with dozens of testimonials and hair growth pictures flooding social media.

In addition to thousands of customers throughout the U.S., Nae Nae’s currently has over 600 active customers in Missouri and intends to expand the brand more! The users of the products can feel confident that the items are safe for everyone and they perform exceptionally well for ladies with coarse and kinky hair. Nae Nae’s has found success due to its focus on perseverance and a ‘never-say-die attitude’. The rock-solid foundation as a family has propelled the entrepreneurs to work as hard as possible every day. Their mission is to get more exposure for the brand so women everywhere can have a chance at having beautiful, healthy hair. The products can be purchased at Walmart.comAmazon and,

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