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Kevin McCall has solved the mystery. Apparently, Black women work too much!

Lately, it seems Kevin McCall has assumed Tyrese’s role as the social media attention getter. His recent comments towards black women are right up there with the madness Tyrese was spouting out not long ago.

The songwriter and father to Eva Marcille’s daughter, Marley has been ranting about a range of topics and leaving a trail of offended people along the way. His rants have covered the shooting he was involved in, his beef with Chris Brown, his financial issues, and his custody issues with Eva. He’s even managed to give us tidbits as to why he was blocked by singer, Brandy.

We want to say his latest comment has taken the cake, but we’re sure he’s got plenty more stored up. Recently, McCall took to social media to say Black women are too focused on work and essentially that’s what’s wrong with the Black community.

“The issue in the Black community right now is a dating issue and a parenting issue, specifically for Black women because my mother was a Black woman. Women, y’all need to stop putting this white man and this job before yourself, before your destiny, before your children. And then you wonder why ni**as can’t really rock with you like that cause you trying to do our job.”

How Sway? How do you expect Black women to give up their careers when they are the sole providers in their homes?

Commenting on all his latest rants that could be deemed psychotic would take all day. However, for his latest comments I would like to say Black women are tired of being the blame and deemed the Black sheep for the household falling apart, and specifically for mediocre Black men who choose to take the easy way out.

The concept behind providing for your family is an impairment against the Black community, is disrespectful to say the least. Black women have always been the pillars of Black families providing inside and outside of the home. Trying to convince women it’s okay to solely depend on a man for financial stability is dangerous, especially if they have children. This comment like the many before is nothing more than a desperate man wanting his ego stroked – and Black women are not here for it.

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