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Holy Non Canon Masterpiece, Batman!!

This is one of the eeriest things I’ve ever watched. Joaquin Phoenix stars in the trippiest DC film ever: Joker. Director Todd Phillips takes us on the wildest ride ever with the “Crowned Prince of Crime”, and I guarantee you will not know how to feel when you leave the theater. The twists and turns you go through following main character Arthur Fleck, and his tragic life story, which makes it feel like a disturbing sitcom with no laugh track; it’s awkward (Google ‘Friends sitcom no laugh track’, and see what I mean).

Seems like that is what makes the film a multi-watcher, because on one hand you can watch it as a suspense filled thriller, then you can watch it as a slapstick dark comedy. On another hand, you could view it as a character study on the mentally ill being ignored by society, while simultaneously see it as a voiceless victim accidentally starting a revolution of dangerous mischief. The beauty of this movie is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Zazzie Beats played an amazing role in this, which isn’t what you think. Very rarely can someone visualize the life of someone who is delusional, relay that confusion and frustration to the audience with such ease. Some would call it slow, but that is why I call it suspenseful. You are dreading what is coming the entire time. Pitying Arthur, while at the same time hoping he doesn’t accomplish his misguided goals. So many questions are raised the entire time you’re watching it.

Is it nature or nurture?

Does this ride into madness give us a ripple effect that made Gotham as we know it? Is isolation the mind killer?! All I know is that Joaquin Phoenix does deserve an Oscar nomination for the physical he put himself through during filming.

This project is so cinematic. I mean it’s gorgeous even in the filthiest, darkest, bloodiest moments. Hats off to the entire team that created each scene, in this masterpiece. As Todd Phillips has been quoted saying of DC: “We can’t do what Marvel does, so we have to do what they CAN’T do.” And they did.

You’ll be mad at yourself for not seeing this movie. You don’t have to be into comics to enjoy it. Seriously. We did talk again later.