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What a ride!! Took us thirty years to get here, but what a ride. Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall are back as Akeem & Semmi in the sequel to Coming To America, Coming 2 America (See what they did there? Huh?)

After three decades, we are returning to Zamunda to embark on another madcap adventure. Amazingly, almost every single actor still living from the original came back for the new film.

The basic premise of the film is that Akeem’s father King Joffe (James Earl Jones) is on his deathbed and informs Akeem that he has a son he never knew about living in Queens, NY. The law in Zamunda says only a male heir can become King. Since Akeem and Lisa have only had daughters, Akeem is being encouraged by his father to find this “bastard” and bring him home.

I’m not gonna give the play by play of this movie. Instead, I’m going to say what you really came here to find out: Did Coming 2 America do justice to the original? Yes it does.

The meticulous way they feed you fan service, bite by bite, is outstanding. This is a little more of a family film, but it still holds its own weight. Allow me to give Leslie Jones her flowers right now! She did an amazing job playing Akeem’s estranged “baby mama”. Her skillset was put to good use in a way that was so natural.

Originally, Eddie wanted Tracy Morgan to play his son. Thank God Eddie was talked out of it, because Jermaine Fowler did a good job playing Akeem’s son Lavelle Junson. Tracy was better used as “Uncle Reem”, the only father figure Lavelle has ever known. It’s not the funniest comedy ever, nor is it unpredictable. The only true oddball moments in the movie are the music performances: adapting classic songs to fit the storyline was a little cringy, but adorable and accepted.

Wesley Snipes was over the top theatrical, yet convincing in his role as “General Izzi”, the lovable and ruthless dictator of the neighboring country Nextdoria. Fantastic performance from Kiki Layne, playing Princess Meeka, the underappreciated eldest daughter of Akeem. So many cultural topics/issues are addressed in a drive thru type way, but still were a strong part of the overall storyline. So much was covered in so little time.

This film is a good old fashion wacky family comedy. It could never live up to the expectations of Coming To America’s die hard audience, but Coming 2 America did do the original justice.

Their is no way you can watch this and not be nostalgically satisfied when the credits roll. Enjoy yourselves and let your soul glow while watching the pop culture family reunion that is Coming 2 America. Talk soon….