Did you know that 80 percent of all New Year resolutions fail by the end of February? That statistic alone is unbelievable, and that is why it is so important to have a plan to be successful in reaching your fitness goals. This is an easy, “How to Guide” on how to get fit. The laws were created to be as simple as possible because it can be overwhelming to start a fitness routine. The goal is to eliminate the stress and help you create a plan that will allow you to reach your optimal level of fitness.

Law Number #1: Set Fitness Goals

Setting fitness goals is the most important law in reaching your ideal level of fitness because it provides you with a plan to make it happen. If you don’t know what you want to achieve and a plan to get there, you will never get there. Make sure that your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, and adjustable and that it has a deadline. Listed below is an example of a fitness goal.

Example: My goal is to lose 25 pounds in 60 days.

Law Number #2: Set Days and Times to Workout

This is the make it or break it law because if you do not set days and times to work out, you will never do it. For example, you may want to work out after your work day. Therefore, go straight to the gym after work because most people find that after they get home and get comfortable, working out is the furthest from their mind. Setting specific days and times are so important because it keeps you accountable and allows you to arrange your day around your workout.

Law Number #3: Choose your workout or workouts

Choosing your workout will allow you to reach your fitness goals. For example, choose a fitness class and then choose someone in the class to compete against. This will increase your motivation and make you go harder during your workout.

Law #4: Stick With It

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Therefore, my challenge to you would be to stick with your fitness routine for 21 days. The first week will be the hardest but once you get past that first week, it will be a breeze. You will have to agree that the laws are so simple, that it seems way too easy. Just remember that getting fit does not have to be complicated, you just have to have a plan. If you would like additional tips or personalized workout plans, contact me at rachonl@hotmail.com

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