Their 4th Album, Love Has No Recession, comes out Tuesday, July 26th (the same day as Kelly Rowland’s Here I Am…I must add lol).

I must say that I’m pretty damn excited that they’re back – I haven’t heard from them since actually their 2nd album, In This Life Together, which came out back in 2005….geez!!

Apparently their 3rd album, The Arrival, released in 2008 was a flop – none of their follow up albums compared to the success of their 1st album, Surrender to Love, which is STILL my favorite from them..

Hopefully this album does pretty good, I listened to a sample on Amazon and seemed pretty promising….but if you’re into the Philadelphia Neo-Soul sound (like Jill Scott, per say) then you should enjoy this husband/wife duo

Check out “We Will All Know” with Raheem DeVaughn and let me know how you feel about it!

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