Power is back and because I didn’t want to have an attitude all week from people spoiling it on social media—I went ahead and watched it—and once again, there are people I can’t wait to die.

(Side note: can y’all at least give folks to Monday night to watch the show. I be feeling like damn—I’m getting straight punked into watching it all quick and shit. Damn you On-Demanders!)

Anyway, so I sat down to watch it and as expected, I wanted to jump through my TV screen. To be fair, I feel this is the level of frustration 50 cent aims for each time an episode premieres. Like seriously, I bet he’s somewhere right now thinking, “Yeah this next one is going to have them fighting everybody in their house.” It just doesn’t make any sense how these make-believe characters drive you to drink.

Every time I see one that I feel should’ve been dead already make it to yet ANOTHER episode I’m fuming inside. However, according to show creator Courtney Kemp, this season’s death rate will be catastrophic, and Raina’s death is just the tip of the iceberg. With that being said, (Courtney I hope you’re reading this) I have listed in numerical order who I feel should die off first in this season, and for no other reason than I’m just over their drama

6. White Dude Who Work with Angela

FYI, I looked to see what his character name was, and couldn’t find it. So, white dude who work with Angela it is. Every episode I am secretly hoping he walks into an office door that opens, but nothing ever happens. So, he must go for two reasons. One, I hate an extra ass-kissing colleague who will do whatever it takes to bring another colleague down. Like damn dude, just fall back and find your own way to be a superstar. Two, well because he represents the very facet of white, male privilege. He uses the “high moral ground” approach as if he’s really trying save the world—but truthfully, he feels his whiteness entitles him to be the one calling all the shots. He’s always been jealous of Angela (and John Wok—the Korean dude) and won’t be happy until he sees her locked behind bars. Like Greg, I hope he goes off the reservation and catches one of those bullets intended for someone else.

5. Angela Valdes

At one point, I was rooting for her and Ghost. I mean call me a hopeless romantic, but I was kind of caught up in the true love always finds its way back home idea. Maybe I’m naïve, but like Olivia and Fitz, I was rooting for the underdog love story. Anyway, she makes this list just from last season alone (and this 1st episode). Personally, I wish she just come to terms with the fact she is now a dirty prosecutor, is really Team Ghost, and stop torturing everyone with her self-guilt and not so high moral ground. We get it Angela—you have a conscience but because you are still head over heels in love with Ghost, and you’re in denial about it—we’re going to be forced to endure yet another season full of your back and forth emotional rollercoaster. I don’t have a particular way for her to kick the bucket, she just needs to disappear.

4. Larenz Tate aka Councilman Rashad Tate

He’s a dirty politician and for that reason alone is why he needs to go. At first, I had bought into the trying to save the hood hero story, but as usual—they always let you down. I was hoping that Ghost had ended him last season, but because I know Ghost always has a plan B—his slide down that slippery slope this season will be even better. Especially, after his cunning performance at the funeral and how he played Tommy. But no worries, after the way Tommy looked at him at the funeral, I know he’ll be getting carried out that same church sooner than later.

3. Kanan

Look, I know he’s all team Tommy and Ghost right now, but the fact remains all this started with his bullshit. Had he not lured Tariq into that den of sin he had him pinned up in—Raina would still be alive. Tasha is right—all of this is his fault. Despite the fact Ghost wants to blame Dre (oh this shit his fault too), Kanan was the mastermind behind it who got lil officer Ray Ray involved and you know the rest. Also, ain’t no way we can be friends after you killed your own son, tried to kill mine, and me as well. Yeah bruh, you gots to go.

2. Tariq St. Patrick

It was so hard to make him number 2 and not one, but for the simple fact he’s a kid is why he’s number 2. True, he’s old enough to know better, but at the end of the day—he’s a stupid ass kid who keeps following the wrong crowd—listening to the wrong adults. Yes, he needs his ass whooped. Yes, his lying, sneaking, and outright disrespect should’ve made him the recipient of Ray Ray’s bullet (or Ghost’s belt). But again, he’s a product of the dysfunctional environment he’s living in. Tasha is cheating and was running drugs through Keisha’s shop, Tommy is always off his rocker, he’s still grieving the death of Shawn, and Ghost is caught up chasing Angela and the next legit deal—the shit was bound to happen. Still, that still doesn’t negate the fact his ass has to die. Sorry Tasha.

1. Dre

We all know why Dre needs to be at the end of a barrel. Just like we all can’t wait for him to take his well-deserved dirt nap. He’s disloyal, arrogant, a liar and a manipulative overachiever. Oh, did I say disloyal? One could make the argument Ghost pushed him to turn on him, but unlike Tariq—Dre is a grown ass man. He had plenty of times to come clean about Kanan and what Tariq was up to, but he didn’t. Instead, he used Ghost’s collapsing house as a means to pivot into his own empire. He’s an opportunist and he’s a wannabe kingpin. I was hoping the silent assassins would’ve snatched him up, but as always, they let us down. Hopefully, Kanan, Tommy and Ghost survive long enough so they all can share a bullet with Dre. Because ain’t nobody gone forget Dre conniving ass.

That’s all for now, but more than likely, Keisha and Tasha will at some point be added to the list just from their increasing annoyance. Until later, may Tariq and Dre live to die another day.

Tell me who’s your least favorite character in the comments below!

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