Listen, anybody rebuking the devil we know as The Orange One, aka Don Cheeto, bka President Tang, is okay in my book. I mean anybody! I take pure pleasure in knowing that someone other than Auntie Maxine, Angela Rye, Van Lewis, or Shaun King is serving him mouthfuls of you got us fucked up. Usually, most of the people upset with him makeup the minority pool or the LGTBQ community. But this week, this glorious week was made by the enormous amounts of white tears and screams yelled throughout the U.K.

On a scheduled visit to the U.K., Trump settled in for his first full day in the United Kingdom following a disastrous performance at this year’s NATO summit in Brussels. Aware of the uproar, Loose Lips was greeted by angry mobs of 50,000 Brits in London who showed up to protest his visit and let him know he was not welcome in their neck of the woods.

Unimpressed with his comments he’s previously made about their prime minister, Princess Kate’s victim blaming antics, and his shitty policies—the Brits came together to let him know his toxic politics were not welcome across the pond.

The protests had been expected and promised — and after Don Cheeto arrived in England on Thursday. After the nightmare of a press conference ended and reporters were no longer forced to listen to Trump’s abuse of the word great, the attention shifted to the real excitement in London.

To solidify what we already know, about Trump being a disgrace, and his supporters are total trash people who deserve all the economic suffering he’s going to end up imposing upon them—the Brits took their creativity to a whole new level. Showing up with a 20-foot long, diaper-wearing, smartphone clutching balloon that resembled the Twitter Toddler and flew it over the protest. Add a few creatively thought out signs and you have yourself a party.


Photo Courtesy of Alamy Live News

The initial diplomatic firestorm was set off when the self-claimed genius made some harsh comments about Prime Minister Theresa May’s approach regarding Brexit and insisted someone else was better for the job—accused EU leaders of destroying its culture/identity by letting in migrants—and insulted London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan about not standing up to terrorists and blamed him for the increase in crime. But my favorite of them all was when he made a false claim that millions of Brits backed his policies.

Now, I’d bet my life savings he probably got those numbers from the same people who told him thanks to Kanye being his new friend, more black people were shifting to his side and views, but who knows, maybe Russia gave him those stats.

After being called out on his BS, Trump dipped into his usual back of I really don’t know what I’m doing nor am I qualified for this job and called the UK’s Sun newspaper, “fake news.” Despite, the fact the Sun had the liar on tape saying what he said he didn’t say in May—he continued to say he never said that.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if some nation just threw up their hands and said, “Look, US, we’ll talk to you again when you get your shit together in a couple of years…maybe…ok?” 

Luckily, for the Brits they only have to stomach him for a few days. The rest of us have to deal with his self-destructive shittiness for what we hope is the fastest year and a half of our lives.


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