It was a wild, crazy day on Kanye West’s Twitter account yesterday. What started out as a tweet about President Trump’s “dragon energy” led to a series of Trump supporting tweets—and then a friendly exchange between him and Agent Orange. Soon after, Twitter erupted into a “pick a side” battle about race, politics, and Kanye’s mental health.

Not only did West clarify his comments made to Hot 97’s host, Ebro Darden about his love for 45, but his comments were actually co-signed by the Twitter toddler himself.

Instantly, legions of Twitter users, fans, activists, and celebrities—particularly those in the black community—piled on the backlash and criticized him—for voicing his support of a president who has made his love for white supremacists known, and calling African nations “shithole countries,” – all of which signify what Americans consider to be racist.

Although there was a plethora of angry tweeters—not everyone picked up a pitchfork against West. One person who came to his rescue was fellow Chicago native—Chance the Rapper.

Chance tweeted out, “Talked to him two days ago,” in response to a tweet asking if he’s spoken to Kanye recently. “[Kanye is] in a great space and not affected by folk tryna question his mental or physical health. Same Ye from the VMA’s, same Ye from the telethon.”

This is clearly where it went wrong, since nobody believes he is the same pro-black Kanye we came to love before he became Kanye Kardashian.

Chance followed up those tweets with a tweet that seemed to spark more outrage among black people, activists and liberals stating, “Black people don’t have to be democrats…Next President gon be independent.

Immediately following his tweets, in true presidential fashion—Trump retweeted and responded to Chance’s comments.

It’s safe to admit, his remarks were not well-received and had people dragging him down the same hole they were throwing Kanye West in. Comments surrounding him being a HOTEP, spreading ignorance among black people, and caping for someone in support of someone who is supporting Trump, were tweeted and retweeted.

For most Chance supporters, his defense took most people by surprise, since just last year he tweeted the very opposite about 45.

Several people took to Twitter to explain to Chance no one was upset about what political party he chose to be a part of—people were upset at his support for someone who has displayed countless acts of bigotry and racism. Though, the criticism of West’s comments mounted, Chance didn’t back down.

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, who many accused of pulling him into the sunken place—jumped to her husband’s defense as well. Claiming that he was simply a free thinker, ahead of his time, and that he was in no way suffering from mental health issues.

We know she would never own up to it, and as his wife we don’t expect her too. But regardless to what she says, Kanye has indeed gone to the sunken place. The question that remains unanswered is—has Chance found his way there too?




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