From humble beginnings, Terrell’ Young Dip’ Evans, a former foster kid from north St. Louis city, has never allowed his living circumstances to determine his destiny—becoming a hometown hero and beloved communal gem.

dani Brown

His passion for entertainment and community-oriented inspired him to study mass communication and intern at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley’s radio station after graduating from Beaumont High School in 2002. 

The groundwork he laid at Flo Valley’s station allotted him a slot with WHHL’s Hot 104.1, where he captivated and stole the hearts of many listeners across St. Louis and the Metro East region. He rubbed shoulders with all the who’s who of St. Louis’ rich nightlife and entertainment industry while hosting and promoting some of the hottest events.

During that time of his life, the young, hungry socialite sought counsel from Tatum Polk, a well-known business and music professional. Young Dip said he and Tatum often had conversations about the next chapter of his life.

“Coming up, grinding in the city, I remember seeing Nelly and the St. Lunatics on the tv screen, and it was something never seen before because the East Coast and West Coast were the main places pushing the culture forward at the time,” Young Dip said. “I knew we needed something to unify the city, and at that time, the city had other wins like us winning the Super Bowl.”

Young Dip

With his passion combined with his tenacity to want more for his city, Young Dip forged ahead by making 314 Day about the culture and displaying how multifaceted it is. Dip’s passion for wanting to champion unity was the catalyst for bridging the gap to what St. Louis was missing which was the pride and collaboration for all who loved everything that exists in area code 314. Today we honor and celebrate Young Dip on his contribution to a movement that has grown and has touched millions. We’re excited to see what this year’s March 14 -314Day will encompass. Stay tuned and stay connected with Delux we will make sure we keep you up-to-date on everything “Young Dip” and 314Day that is now loading early in 2023.

Happy Birthday, Young Dip!

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  • Written by: Dani Brown
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