Every couple wants to have that spicy, passionate relationship that others set as #RelationshipGoals for social media. The very idea of being totally consumed and sexually free with your lover can be captivating, but you must first ask yourself if you are truly ready to drop all your inhibitions? While there are multiple sexual adventures you and your partner can experience together, bringing a third party into your bedroom can certainly be one of the most rewarding.

The perfect way to get the best out of the situation is to first communicate. Even though this is supposed to be a fun and spontaneous experience if there are no guidelines set ahead of time, your relationship could possibly suffer. Where’s the fun in that? You’re setting #RelationshipGoals, remember? Now that you’ve gotten all the seriousness out of it, let go, get your sexy on, and don’t think too much. 

Your level of comfort is important. Before your feet step across your bedroom door, speak now or forever hold your peace. Once you are in the bed, any misgivings you might have felt in the beginning should be gone. If you’re not really feeling it, it will show in how lackluster you perform. What would be the point of even doing this if you’re going to be frigid?

Protect yourself! No matter how much you may vibe or how anxious you are, remember that nothing is worth putting your health at risk.

You better show out! You have a visitor in the building and you must represent! Make sure your partner is doing the same. No one should be jealous of new moves that may or may not be used. Don’t worry about extra strokes or whatever energy you could possibly pick up on between your partner and the sex toy. Focus on you and the pleasure that you’re exuding.

Remember that every walk on the dark side could possibly come with repercussions. They could hook up behind your back or your moves that night could make your partner question who you are and force them away. However, this could also happen while you’re playing it safe too. Somehow, heartbreak could hurt a little less with memories of a powerful orgasm. The goal should always be for sexual pleasure for the both of you. Pushing your sexual exploits to new heights might be just the rejuvenation your relationship needs.



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