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Today 50 cent sent twitter into a frenzy after claiming that he shut down popular black website World Star Hip Hop. Everybody had their own versions of how and why 50 did what he claimed and both him and Q, the CEO and owner of WSHH both called into The Angie Martinez show on Hot 97 in New York to give there version of what was going on.

50 is claiming that WSHH has been using a photo of an “iRobot” with a picture of his head on it for advertisement. This is what 50 had to say:

“In 2 weeks we’re going to mediation to find out exactly how much they owe me for using me for advertisement for 2 years straight.”

When Angie Martinez asked 50 if he was the one behind shutting the site down and why he didn’t like them and if it was because of the using his images this is what he had to say:

“I might know somebody who could do it but i cant do that. Its just them encouraging disrespect on every level possible”

Also on twitter 50 mentioned getting 2 more website shut down this week here what he had to say about that:

“I don’t know why I feel like that but I kinda got a hunch that’s gonna happen”

Angie told 50 he was a genius and asked how many lawyers he had working on this and although he wouldn’t disclose who or a number this is what he said:

“Everybody around me is smarter than me. I made it that way”

This is juicy! Keep reading to find out what @ of WSHH had to say!

After interviewing 50 Cent Angie stated that she had Q on hold and wanted to get his side of the story. When she asked him what exactly it was going on with the site this is what he had to say:

“Its a technical difficulty. Its not a hacker. Its difficulties with the site itself. Its our server. We gotta get an upgrade. Anybody that’s a fan of WSHH knows its been down before. We got hacked in 07 and was down for 8 months and last year. It should be up shortly.

Because Q throughout out the entire interview was stuttering and rambling Angie touched on the hacker theory and the fact that a few people said it had something to do with homeland security and that 50 had mention he was stealing images and he said:

“[It] has nothing to do with homeland security. I been helping these guys (50 Cent’s Camp) out for years and we fell out”

When asked what he had to say about the negative comments:

“Its not like we’re out there tapping these brawls. I’m just the messenger. Don’t shoot the messenger”

After all that was said Q assured Angie that the site would be back up in 24 hours and every thing would be cool. After reading into it a little longer this email started bein rotated around by a web designer and former employee of WSHH with the subject title “Notice of Copywrite Infringment“.

copywrite infringment

Im still not completely 100% on why the site was taken down but some people are outraged about it and other are happy to see it go. im patiently waiting to see what other website will be taken down if any because durig the interview 50 sounded very sarcastic. If you arent on twitter you might want to start or check back with us here at DELUX to stay updated on this story as it unfolds…

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