Sitting outside in the perfect autumn weather was just the cherry on top to this interview or should I say a lets catch up chat with Chukurah Ali. This certainly didn’t feel like an interview, her inviting, warm bubbly spirit made me feel like I had known her for years. Being this week’s #WorkingWomenWednesday¬†she offers her wisdom and go getter attitude to all future boss women.¬† Starting her own business, CoCo’s Desserts offers tasty treats a sense of community and love in each bite.

When¬†most kids are playing with the latest toy craze, Chukurah Ali was in the kitchen putting her cooking skills to the test. She can remember as far back as being two years of age, an¬†eager toddler helping¬†her mother prepare meals. However things weren’t always peachy keen for this chef, after experiencing a couple of bumps in the road as a youth,¬†cooking and baking became her outlet.¬†A place where she could creatively express herself and¬†letup some of¬†life stresses,¬†after taking her mother’s advice, Chukurah enrolled into¬†L’Ecole Culinaire¬†.

Chukurah explained how she didn’t care for her courses; they didn’t do much for her. The irony right? Well if the gift and passion is already there how can someone teach you how to be you, right? Chukurah kept her eyes on¬†the prize¬†and graduated from Le’Cole Culinary School in 2010.

Like most chefs, her culinary journey started with humbled beginnings. She¬†was a pantry chef at Jimmy’s¬†Caf√© on the¬†Park and the magical thought of CoCo’s Desserts wasn’t far behind.

Going down memory lane, Chukurah goes into detail about the opportunity that changed it all for her. While working at Jimmy’s Cafe, as a pantry chef, she was offered the opportunity to cater an event for one of their clients. Being in complete control of all the deserts for this event her creations were a hit. If you had the pleasure of tasting her mouth-watering desserts like I did, you¬†know they were the talk of the town. From that point on¬†she was in charge of all desserts on the menu.

After her promotion that’s when it hit her “hey I could go into business for myself”, and Chukurah created CoCo’s Desserts and helped solve¬†our sweet tooth crave and blessed us¬†with her desserts.

CoCo’s Desserts comes from passion, and having a genuine love for people. Chukurah loves seeing her customers smile or pleased expression when they first bite into one of her pastries. In her heart of hearts Chukurah truly believes CoCo’s Desserts make people happy, and trust when I say when I tried her complimentary Carmel Apple Spice cupcake, let me just tell you, that cupcake changed my life for the best.

Plus, if you have a strict diet or allergies, CoCo’s Desserts offers gluten-free¬†and vegan options as well.

Her show stopping creativity isn’t anything one could learn in school she pays homage to her young daughter Amina and her pure imagination that inspires her innovative touches to her desserts.

Emotionally Chukurah explains, if it wasn’t for¬†Amina¬†she¬†wouldn’t have¬†her business, her¬†daughter pushes her when she is frustrated and tells her “Mommy you got this”. Chukurah adds Amina doesn’t even know how much of an encouragement her daughter is to her.

Coco’s Desserts will be her legacy she leaves behind for her daughter, ¬†to ensure she will always have employment and she can be in business for herself.

“I can’t stop what I’m doing now”, said Chukurah

Not only is CoCo’s Desserts providing us with tasty treats, but CoCo’s Desserts is also very involved in the community, she connects with other local African-American business to help build up the community. To make sure she stays connected to her roots her future goals include¬†taking¬†CoCo’s Desserts into a brick and mortar, next¬†a franchise business and she plans to set up her shop in underdeveloped neighborhoods.¬†CoCo’s Desserts will¬†provide jobs and bring money into the community. Her services will also include youth mentorship, business/economic courses, and baking/cooking classes.

And speaking of baking, her chocolate heels are to die for, even close up someone would mistake this perfectly crafted editable shoe as the real thing.¬†Her fall treats are all the talk, everything from the Pumpkin Apple Vegan Muffins to her Maple Walnut Cake, and Autumn Bread, are all made from scratch with loads of love. So when you need a tasty treat and want to buy a delicious treat for that special someone hit up CoCo’s Desserts. She can be found all over the net at or track her down on social media on Facebook at CoCo’s Desserts or on Instagram at cocos.desserts.





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