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This year has marked a increseaing amount of deaths by homicide. Homicides meaning the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another person. Each death sparking an uproar of protest, city-wide emotional distraught and hope of some positive changes in the St. Louis area.

This year alone, one-hundred and eight black men have been murdered in St. Louis and the toll continues to rise. Ninety-two percent of all homicides have been caused by a firearm ( This similar and disgusting occurrence helped spark a group of Black Lives Matter activist in Indianapolis to curate a silent protest titled, “Point Blank.”

“We wanted to bring this silent protest to St Louis because they have had history of injustice and police brutality,” said Rehema McNeil, the creative behind this action.

A few days before McNeil and her team of activist set to St. Louis to pursue the delivering of this message, a young boy, age 14, was wounded after running from the St. Louis police force. He was put into critical condition but stabilized following his admittance.

It is common for our own to enact violence upon each other and an increasingly commonality for police to do such. With this fact in mind, members of the Indianapolis community created the “Point Blank” silent protest to send a message about being targeted.

Although, receiving a disappointing amount of support from St. Louis activist and members alike, members from Indianapolis still accomplished their goal of bringing this message to St. Louis.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and McNeil believes that having images is more powerful than just talking about it.

Check out a few images I captured during the protest on October 8th, 2016: