One of our favorite Hollywood couples was seen today taking a walk through New York City. Fun couple Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith strolled leisurely hand-in-hand this afternoon while fans looked on.

They are a lovely twosome, but Jada is simply stunning! This mama really knows how to keep herself looking amazing. In fact, she seems to keep getting better with age. The pretty top she’s wearing compliments her well-toned arms, and the shoes are perfect to complete the ensemble. But for me, her hair is the star of the show.

Speaking of Jada’s beautifully coiffed ‘do, I have the honor of speaking to the very woman responsible for Jada’s cutting edge hairstyles in just a matter of days! Keep your eyes peeled as I will have a lot to share with you after my interview with stylist to the stars, Marcia Hamilton!

In more fun Smith family news, Will and Jada’s precious son Jayden (star of the this summer’s release of Karate Kid) is slated to appear on stage with Justin Bieber in his upcoming concert at Madison Square Gardens; how exciting!

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