There’s MAD buzz going on about this dude named FRANK OCEAN. But who the hell is this kid??

Well, he’s apart of this “movement” entitled OFWGKTA…not sure exactly what all it consists of, but check out their website HERE. You might even end up even more confused…*shoulder shrug*

But aside from his quick hits “Novocane” and “Swim Good”, which are hot by the way, this guy has written for Justin Bieber [PAUSE], Beyonce, and Brandy, and he is currently featured on the Watch the Throne album with Jay and Kanye. There’s talk of him and NAS collaborating on his upcoming album, simply entitled Ocean, in which the first track is “Thinking About You”.

From the tracks I heard, this guy is definitely bringing his A-game to the male side of R&B. His smooth vocals deliver his cinematic lyrics on top of these base-heavy beats effortlessly. *He aint no Trey Songz and it’s obvious he aint tryna be either!*

Right now, you can catch a bunch of his mixtapes floating around cyberspace, including nostalgia, ULTRA. Apparently he’s a BEAST if he’s bumping shoulders with Jay Z and Pharrell and QUEEN BEYONCE!!

Facebook is where you can keep up with this young dude (23 to be exact) – apparently he leaks music to his fans, so definitely “Like” him.

Check out some of his stuff here:

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