White Castle Veggie Sliders

Continuing its push to update the brand and innovate on its menu, White Castle is white-castle-veggie-slider-test-01stepping up its interest in Veggie Sliders.

The chain has contacted loyalists by email to ask if a Veggie Slider would appeal to them enough to bring them to a White Castle restaurant. Additionally it is asking consumers to rate the appeal of different spicy topping sauces for the Veggie Sliders, including a Chipotle-Lime and one seasoned with harissa, a Middle Eastern chile blend.  Veggie Sliders with no sauce also is an option.

White Castle said in July that it was testing the Veggie Sliders with Avocado Ranch Sauce (at r.) at 99¢ each in a handful of New York and New Jersey stores. The company said then that the 180-calorie patty is vegan and supplied by Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods. The current email survey about spicy sauces suggests test-market diners may have found the Veggie Sliders a bit bland.

With 2013 sales of $533 million, White Castle is the 13th largest burger chain, according to Technomic. It also is one of the oldest, having opened its first location in 1921. But the chain has been working hard to be contemporary in operations and menu. It has introduced an online ordering mobile app, for example.

The chain has had fun changing up its famous square, steamed burgers, too. The current promotion features “Slider Italiano Fest.” The three LTOs are a Crispy Chicken Italiano Slider, Pizza Slider and Grilled Chicken Italian Slider, all with marinara sauce and mozzarella. A special online offer is the Famiglia Meal: 10 Pizza Sliders, 20 sacks of fries and a 20-piece serving of Chicken Rings for $19.99.

Earlier this year it tried Sriracha Chicken Sliders and breakfast LTOs that included Belgian Waffle Sandwiches (Bacon, Egg & Cheese; Chicken & Waffles; Sausage, Egg & Cheese).

White Castle has sold its Original Restaurant Blend Coffee in supermarkets since 1996. Earlier this year it began offering its coffee in single-serve K-Cups as well. It sells its sliders at retail and recently began offering frozen Jalapeno Cheeseburgers.


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