Today kicks off Gemini season!

The Sun has officially moved into the sign of Gemini today. Gemini is depicted as a set of twins. It will stay in this sign until June 21. This is third of the 12 signs of the zodiac and apart of the air trio.

Gemini is governed by the planet Mercury, which rules how we communicate with each other. Under the influence of a Gemini we can feel the need to express ourselves in more fun and flirty ways. Just be remember to keep yourself in check. Don’t want to be the person that talks to much, which could come off as gossipy.  Gemini energy is exciting, original, great for research, stimulating conversations, wise, and exploration.

My pick for the song of Gemini season is: “Walk it like I Talk It” by Migos. You want to put action behind what we talk about this season.

Famous Gemini’s: Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Prince, Tupac, Kayne West, Lenny Kravtiz, Lauren Hill, Pattie Labelle, and Biggie Smalls.

What’s your zodiac sign? Tell me in the comments below!

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