Gonna be another hot one!!! Watermelon Clear10 Vodka kiwi popsicles to get us through it. You want 1 too?



    • 1

      Collect your favorite juices: pineapple, guava, raspberry, acai, kiwi, mango, peach, the list goes on.

    • 2

      Pick up some flavored alcohol like Bacardi rums in coconut, watermelon, lemon, raspberry or Zone flavored vodkas: banana, melon, peach, lemon and tangerine.

    • 3

      Mix the juices with the alcohol using this ratio:
      3 cups of juice
      2 oz. of alcohol

      * You don’t want to make them much stronger because the alcohol does not freeze.

    • 4

      For extra credit add frozen chunks of fruit like mango, banana and raspberry. You can even add herbs like chopped mint or basil.

    • 5

      Pour the juice and alcohol mixture into the popsicle molds, and if needed, wait until the mixture hardens, then insert popsicle sticks (it depends on the popsicle molds) and freeze.

    • 6

      For the presentation, wrap a piece of rectangle-shaped Styrofoam (found at craft stores) with wrapping paper or wall paper. Cut slits in the paper, then insert the popsicles into the Styrofoam. Serve immediately!


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