Due to the immense success of Transformers, studio execs decided to fast track the production of a live action Voltron. It sounded like a great idea at first, but then the infighting began. According to THR, the Voltron property has gone through several hands over the years and a conflict of interest has reared its ugly head.

Several different companies own the rights to various Voltron properties. The producers who own the Voltron: Defender of the Universe film rights are suing Kickstart Prod. and the St. Louis-based company World Events, who own the rights to the American television series. Here’s where it gets messy, the film producers claim that World Events were actively seeking outside investors during a period when they had an “exclusive deal.”

“The plaintiffs are suing for breach of contract, fraud and interference with contractual relations, and are seeking various forms of damages.”

So far, no announcement has been made on whether or not this will effect the production of the film. At the moment Voltron is in development at Atlas Entertainment unharmed, but how long with that last? The movie hasn’t even hit theaters, and people are already going for broke.

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