The year is moving along, and the question is, how are those goals coming along? Have you started tackling any of them, or are you still staring at them trying to figure out when you’re going to start? Have you saw those places you wanted to travel to? Did you post them somewhere you could see every day? Better yet, we’re they within reach so you didn’t overwhelm yourself?

Each year, people start the beginning of it off with a list of goals they want to accomplish before December 31. People stack the list with new goals and goals from years before, hoping to finally check them off their list. As of late, the new trend has been vision boards. If you’re don’t know what a vision board is, you’re in the right place!

A vision board is a visual, poster board size reminder of what we want to obtain, and where we see our lives going. It’s a collage of dreams and wishes we set forth before us, in hopes we end up with everything we ever imagined. Vision boards have taken the place of those scribbled down goals in a notebook and transformed them into imagery people can see themselves in. They allow you to put what you want in color while you work hard to see them come true.

If you haven’t had the chance to make one, or haven’t started on the one you have made, it’s never too late to get a jump start on speak those dreams into existence. Below are some tips on not just creating a vision boards, but to have fun while you do it.

1.     Keep it Fun

Although accomplishing goals are tedious and serious tasks, it is important to have enjoy them while doing it. Life can be stressful enough, be sure to make it fun as you go through it. If you’re saving for a trip to Italy, why not enjoy an authentic Italian dinner in your city to keep you motivated. Remembering to live your life as you work towards completing goals make them more enjoyable once you have reached and accomplished them.

2.   Making attainable goals

Making attainable goals doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream big because that’s the purpose of goals. To accomplish things that seem out of your reach. However, there are some things you should ask yourself so that you don’t waste your time or put yourself in a cycle of disappointment. First, do these goals mean something to you? Secondly, what is the purpose of this goal? Lastly, what happens after this goal is completed? Asking yourself important questions like this will help you stay the course of checking that goal off your list.

3.   Hang them in a place you can see

Placing the vision board in a place you can see it daily keeps them in the forefront of your mind. Imagery of your dream house, new car or higher credit score is free motivation for you to make to the mountain top. Be sure to hang them in a room or on a wall you visit daily or even screenshot it. If you aren’t a magazine collector, you can utilize a computer program like Publisher or Photoshop to make a digital one. This gives you a chance to make them wallpaper so they are constant reminders for you not to give up. 


4.   Give yourself reasonable time frames

Different goals require different time frames. Goals like tackling that nasty credit score, losing weight, or purchasing a house takes time. Don’t give yourself a three-month goal for something that could possibly take six months or maybe even year to complete. Be honest with yourself and what you are trying to accomplish. This will keep you focused and will eliminate unnecessary stress and disappointment.

5.    Be consistent

Repetition has always been the key to learning things and getting them done. Whatever task you begin to reach your goals or manifest your dreams will only get done if you are constantly working at it. There will be times you will want a break or to stop. When that happens just look at your board to remind yourself what your working towards.

6.   Don’t Punish Yourself

As we stated before, goals take time, some more than others. Don’t punish yourself for not completing a goal in the desired period. Especially, if you have been working hard, and staying consistent. Just take those goals and move them to a new board with new visions. Remember to keep going until you can say I’ve done it!



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