Vengadores Del Medio Oeste is an eclectic mix of Headbanging Hip Hop music and a fun ride for one of St. Louis’ long-standing groups the Midwest Avengers. Boasting a more than 30-year career, the group is still standing strong and producing amazing music for longtime fans and newcomers.

Midwest Avengers/ Jerry Hill Photography

Slightly different than previous MWA projects VDMO incorporates genres such as Blues, Funk, R&B, and Jazz into its signature mix. The album includes appearances by Maxa (“You Told Me”); Frankie DoWop (“Black Roses”); Blvck Spvde and Kourtney Nicole (“Love on Fire”); Teresa Jenee’ (“Be Yourself”); Pascal Beauboeuf (“Life Is a Gamble”); Mathias James, Mz. Vizion and DJ VThom (“Free Your Mind”); and Cheeraz Gorman (“By Design”).

Emcee and group founder, John Harrington stated Blvck Spvde and Frankie Dowop were talents that MWA had longed to work with. Songs that feature them are Love on Fire and Black Roses. Each song is a hypnotic hip-hop rock tune. I loved listening to both for their melodies, incredible music, and rock instrumentation.

My stand-out track for VDMO would be, “Be Yourself“. A positive message for these weary times, MWA emcee duo Harrington and brother So ‘n So deliver lyrically, painting a story of encouragement over oppression in relationships and mental illness. Teresa Jenee’ destroys the vocal adding a bit of her tried and true flavor to what is sure to be a fan favorite.

VDMO has many surprises and additions and I recommend it to anyone that is looking for something different from the norm. Shred pounds in the gym with the high energy wail of guitar and snap and pounding of the drum. Optimally this music is meant to be enjoyed LIVE! The energy of what is contained on these 13 tracks begs to be heard live on stage.

While Headbanger Hip Hop is not my go-to I thoroughly appreciated hearing VDMO and I am happy that legendary acts like MWA keep growing and making music fans can appreciate.

VDMO Album Release Party

November 24th at Red Flag the Midwest Avengers will perform Vengadores Del Medio Oeste live for the first time! Hosted by Pascal Beauboeuf with performances from Blvck Spvde, Frankie DoWop, Damn Valencia and more. Special guests scheduled to attend are Shelby Carter, Cheeraz Gorman, Mike Powers, and more! Click here for tickets: VDMO Album Release Party!