“We cannot have a successful city if the blueprint for improvement is to displace current residents. Every publicly funded project should– and will have an agreement between the developer and community groups requiring speci c amenities and mitigations to the a ected neighborhoods. I want to also use your question to say something about the city’s 161,000 renters (more than half the city’s population), many of whom are particularly vulnerable to “gentri cation.” All of them – many of them poor and with less education, some of them immigrants and millennials – have rights. It is in our city’s strong interest to protect and enhance residential property values by paying much more attention than we do now to landlords – and their tenants – whose conduct erodes our safety, and to ensure that renters have a stronger voice in city government.”

“Now more than ever, it’s critical that we elect visionary, progressive local leaders like Tishaura to lead the local resistance to Donald Trump’s agenda. She’s running a grassroots campaign that’s uniting progressives across the “Delmar Divide” to fight for a new progressive St. Louis.” – MOVEON.ORG
We have ONLY days left until Election Day on March 7, and every moment counts. Come volunteer with us and please contribute what you can. We have been blessed with small donations from all over the country, and I hope you can join us in working together towards changing St. Louis.



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