Tiffany Mcintosh: The Visionary Behind FUBU FRAMES Covers The Winter 2020 Edition of Delux Magazine

Tiffany McIntosh Fubu
Winter 2020 Tiffany McIntosh, FUBU Eyewear

With over 20 years creating, manufacturing, and distributing exclusive eyewear collections for celebrity clientele and accessory giants, Tiffany Mcintosh has solidified her position as a major player in the optical marketplace. 

However, like most, her path to success was not always easy due to roads filled with obstacles.  

In her teens, the Miami born designer was already discovering her interest in the optical industry, especially when she was accepted into the Opticianry Program at her former high school. “When I graduated, I not only received my high school diploma but my certification in Optometry as well,” Tiffany McIntosh tells us. “From there on, I began working in all aspects of the industry gaining 20 years of experience and growth.”

With such a unique interest as a youth, she later extended her education by attending Miami Dade Community College to major in Biology/Pre-Optometry. “My goal was to become an Optometrist, but God had other plans for me within this industry.”

Unexpectedly, Tiffany hit a bump in the road that slightly averted her plans, but it didn’t stop her from reaching her destination. “I became a mother at a very young age and to be honest, it was very hard working full time, going to school, and taking care of my daughter,” she explains. 

However, with the support of her family, she was able to get back on track and continue to strive for success. 

Now, as the CEO of Eye Candy Creations USA, LLC., the lucrative businesswoman has assisted many influential stars and notable fashion brands with creating personalized eyewear collections. Her goal? To bring their vision to actualization and make them a force in the fashion accessory industry.  

“I love all aspects of the optical market. That includes manufacturing and distributing, but my favorite thing to do is to design the eyewear,” she shares. “I love having the freedom to be as creative as I choose and to see the excitement of people when they see the final product. It really brings me joy.” 

If you were wondering how she is able to maintain her proficiency while envisioning the success of others, it’s simple– she has the support of her loving husband, Warren. 

“He is a true blessing,” Tiffany exclaims. “It’s hard work to have a great marriage and a successful business, but he makes it so easy. He makes loving him so easy.” 

Tiffany attributes one of the key components to their loving relationship is having the same vision and goals. “We share in the responsibilities. Although I’m the brains behind the business, my husband is there through it all to do whatever he can for us,” she shares.

Together, the ambitious entrepreneurs have collaborated with successful fashion houses that include Givenchy, Furla, Tag Heuer, Carolina Herrera, Chopard, Lanvin, Aston Martin, and Rocawear.

While Eye Candy Creations has managed to have many victories since its inception in 2013, it has also had to reevaluate the way business has been conducted during the pandemic. Unfortunately, all of the trade shows, conferences, and festivals were canceled, which is a huge part of their distribution channel. Fortunately, the optical industry was deemed essential during COVID-19, so they are able to function accordingly. “Covid-19 changed the way we do business, but it hasn’t stopped business. Personally, we miss interacting face-to-face with everyone, but we’ve found safe ways to do that as well,” she informs us.

Eye Candy Creations’ has a respectful list of celebrity-branded eyewear collaborations with top-notch names that include Real Housewives of Atlanta star and supermodel, Cynthia Bailey who saw great success with her namesake brand, but it was their most recent achievement that took their business to a whole different level. 

In 2020, Eye Candy Creations acquired the license to FUBU in the eyewear category to create FUBU Frames. Their collaboration with the investor and CEO of FUBU, Daymond John, gives them the right to design, development, production, and worldwide distribution for the iconic company. “Daymond and his founders could’ve gone with a larger company, but they chose us,” says Tiffany. “We remind them a lot of themselves, and to allow the brand to stay true to its history and foundation, was a no-brainer for us. Daymond and his partners have been very supportive. We are a family. We are FUBU family.” 

Tiffany McIntosh

When we asked her what advice she had for women who want to start a business during or post-pandemic, she simply stated that they should work at it daily. “Don’t try to take on a lot, just be consistent in your goals. You will be surprised at what consistency can do for your business.” 

There is no end to the road of excellence when it comes to Tiffany and her business. “I’m always learning and growing,’ she says. “I want to leave a legacy, foundation, and future for others with similar dreams and ambitions in this industry. I would love the opportunity to pour into someone and be able to walk them into their triumph.” 

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