The summer night air, breezed through the fashionable garments of Afton Johnson, Ron Lewis, and Marcel Coleman Jr. as they brought us into their world of elaborate pieces of texture and creativity. Using ¬†the Old Post Office Plaza as their real life canvas, the models brought the designers fashions ¬†to life. This years Three Pentacle’s fashion show gave us ¬†a first look at this seasons’ hottest fashion, straight out of St. Louis.

One could definitely say Jacq, the founder and owner of BLAQ seance [the production company behind the fashion show] raised the bar this season, and no one would argue the point.

” Every line [of models] was different, the background was a good contrast against the models and the designers clothing, and the scenery of downtown just pulled it all together. I thought it was a really good show,” said Teela Davis.

Not only were the fashion designers artistic expression being displayed, but BLAQ seance also included local painters in her production as well. Kass, Zeuser and Vaughn Davis showcased their paintings throughout the show hanging them on various objects around the Old Post Office Plaza adding a hint of street style to the event.

It was like New York meets the Gateway City to the West, the hustle and bustle of city life, the jungle concrete and bright lights combined with our signature style and swagger. Three Pentacle Fashion Show made this event feel like a fashion block party. The DJ spinning old and new school jams, an open bar, and fashion of all sorts made this event a timeless piece.

The creative design of the architecture at Old Post Office made her feel the magic in that space. Jacq couldn’t resist the architecture of downtown, it’s what caught her eye when selecting a location for this installation of her¬†fashion shows.

“BLAQ seance is all about creating the foundation for designers to spiral off of. My ultimate goal is for these designers to become global & have their names known across the world. I have high hopes for each designer I’ve ever showcased. I truly believe in them all, maybe even more than they actually believe in themselves. I truly know and understand what it takes to be a designer & I respect their craft on many perspectives”, says Jacq.

One of the artist was Afton Johnson, formally known as “Young Addy”. This line served as her reincarnation into the fashion industry for adults.

“Jaq knows me¬†on an artistic level, she gives good advice about what I¬†should do as far as getting back to the real design. I¬†knew the fashion show would be good,” said¬†Afton Johnson.

Afton’s pant suits brought us back to the basics. Her royal blue set with the wide leg added class to the runway, it wasn’t about what was trendy for now, but what piece will last a lifetime. Debuting her new line, Afton Johnson, is her signature line for the mature woman. The woman who can mix and match her pieces and ¬†versatile, and her red suede crop top and bell-bottoms did just that.

” I want my name to be my brand”, said Afton Johnson.

Many were also excited to see what Ron Lewis had up his sleeve this season. Some saw his collection in Chicago and were eager to see what he was going to bring to the Lou. CJ Pasley was one of those people excited to see his growth.

“Ron is constantly amazing me¬†with all his work and I couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for the Three Pentacle Fashion Show,” said CJ Pasley.

His pieces were inspired by the Adidas track line who took the old and modernized it. Using denim and suede textures in his designs, he wanted to create pieces that were high-end but also comfortable. His brand “Phera” is for everyone who is fearless¬†and¬†comfortable in their own skin. Ron Louis is currently¬†working in the creative department for PSVR in Chicago. He hopes to launch his brand through PSVR.

So many patrons were also thrilled¬† to see what texture Marcel Coleman Jr. was going to use, known for his innovativeness of mixing and matching. Some were¬†just waiting to see how high he was going to set the bar this time. His use of colors brought boldness and fearlessness to the runway. It also brought a sense of self-confidence to the audience that he is¬† unafraid to be himself. He takes pride in pushing the envelope and being the starter of the conversation of “what is fashion”.

If you missed this first class event from BLAQ seance, don’t fret, Jacq has made it clear she has many more projects up her sleeve and we just have to stay tuned for the next one.

Ashley Winters
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