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The HEAT is on and so are these fresh new summer makeup¬†tips¬†that will help keep you summertime ready! Ditch last year’s trends, because¬†they have nothing on this summer’s look. Everything from¬†the “No Makeup¬†Makeup” look to the new underliner trend. Theses tricks, plus more will¬†help make your summer a number 1 hit. Expert makeup artist who have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Elle have all dubbed these tips the go to, so sit back and take notes!

1.) No Makeup Makeup

Say goodbye to the look of heavy creams and a pound of eye shadow. Nothing says welcome summer like a fresh face with the look of minimal makeup. Super models like Kylie Jenner has this look down packed. So how do you achieve it? Well according to Michael Kors makeup artist Dick Page he achieves this look by skipping lipstick and blush giving the model a very nude feel.

2.) Glitter Me Baby!

Yes gals GLITTER is back and I couldn’t be more excited! Glitter lipstick, glitter gloss, and glitter blush. Add this tip to your summer makeup routine and you’ll definitely be the belle of the ball. Sipping cocktails by the pool side or¬† having a sexy date night at a rooftop restaurant this oldie but goodie will leave a strong statement of “girls just want to have fun”¬†so get your GLITTER¬†on!

3.) It’s All About The Underliner

Now folks this one is the ‘Beauty Risk of the Summer’, it’s most certainly not for those who are afraid to step outside their comfort zone. But if you’re like me, the free spirit animal who will try almost anything once, then the Underliner is for you! According to the experts you can get this cool look by simply underlining your¬†lower lash line¬†with a bold color (cobalt blue¬†or ¬†hot pink) or my all time favorite GLITTER, go ahead and live life on the WILD side!

4.) Red HOTT Lips!

Ok, not going to argue with the pros, but red lipstick will always be in season no matter what the season. Ok off my soapbox. But, anyway back to the topic…Red HOTT Lips. Makeup artist Pat McGrath for Dolce and Gabbana prefers using a cool undertone of reds for this summer’s look, while others like Yadim is bringing us some ole school feels using a orangey red lipstick instead. Linsey Alexander who’s busting out magenta, reddish-oranges, and fall favorite apple red. Gals it really doesn’t matter which shade of red you choose, just as long as your red matches your fiery spirit


5.) Bring On The Bronzed Dewey Skin                                                   

For those who are trying to achieve the sun-kissed look experts suggests moisturizer and sweeping bronzer over your cheeks and eyes to get that day in the sun glow.

6.) 80’s

Use Bold Bold Bold eyeshadows from the crease of the eye past the eyebrow into the temples and atop the cheek bone [ now that’s ole school]. Using bright colors like yellows, blues, and greens! Why not take us back to the days of Madonna.

7.) Body Makeup

That’s right BODY MAKEUP. Spring 2017 fashion runways were filled with this trend. Experts say this trend will stand out this season giving the traditional thoughts of makeup a run for their money. Many makeup artist used monochrome paint on odd places of the body like ear lobes or the collarbone, parts of the arms and legs. I’m telling¬† you this trend will have everyone looking like they are runway ready this season.

Ladies hold tight to these Summer Hott tips, and be sure to let us know your 2017 Summer makeup trends.


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