There has been proven evidence that the US is using the HAARP machine to deliberately control the weather patterns, the minds of citizens and conjure tornadoes, earthquakes, and so forth. I was all about the design shit until I have been constantly getting this information from several different sources. I personally had to see for my self how true this information is. Unfortunately it is an ugly truth. Being that we’re in Missouri, we happen to sit along a major fault line. The US has been very hard at work with hopes of re-activating this fault line for a major earthquake. In 1812 the New Madrid fault line produced a quake around 8.0 Richter and rang church bells as far as New England. If you think about it… We had an earthquake a few years back but it was a mild tremor. I happened to be in California at the time and received numerous calls asking if I felt it. #Ironic

Nevertheless, THE SHIT IS SERIOUS! I felt to take a break and inform the people of what’s to come. Don’t believe me? Dedicate some time to look at the links and prepare… And share. Please do not take this with a grain of salt. Survival will be extremely important. Not Jeezy, Jordans, or True Religion jeans.

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