Catering to consumers’ rapidly growing love for espresso, Avión Espresso provides a lively way to elevate the entertaining, dining and nightlife experience. Currently, millions of Americans drink espresso-based specialty coffee beverages daily, indicating that espresso is quickly becoming the sophisticated beverage of choice.

Bryan Fry, President and CEO of Pernod Ricard USA, said, “Tequila Avión is a ‘rockstar brand’ within the Pernod Ricard USA portfolio and has quickly become a bartender and consumer favorite. The growth trend we see with Avión is similar to some of the most iconic brands that

were built with similar principles of quality, innovation and excellence. The Pernod Ricard team and our distributors are passionate about Avión and we look forward to the launch of Avión Espresso.”  Avión Espresso has a touch of sweetness and a clean dry finish. It is 70 proof and is available

in 750ml bottles (SRP – $24.99) and, coming shortly, 375ml bottles (SRP – $13.99). It can be enjoyed as a chilled shot, over ice or in a variety of cocktails.

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