One of Tef’s monikers is the War Machine and after days of being exposed to machine guns aimed at him and his #HandsUpUnited family by the police, being gassed by police, chasing off looters and rooting out antagonists during protests, and carrying the message of #BlackLivesMatter, the embattled emcee has begun to speak to his audience and supporters in the best way he knows how, lyrically.

“I don’t call  police, I don’t want them near me/they know that I’m sincere/sincerely the fear me/ you see the city burnin’, go get you a vest/Chicago, Milwaukee you could be next/Montague told me this sh*t is dangerous, Ron Johnson  told me that he the real gangster/I love all my n*** I pray for survival/ religion can’t save me, I don’t need the bible/gas masks, rubber bullets, revolution all day/ we gon’ do it to the death muthaf*ck what yall say, P.O.E.! I got me a gas mask…”


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On January 1st Delmar Records released Tef Poe’s latest creation, “Gas Mask” produced by Duke Rellington. Gas Mask is the second release from Delmar Records, where Tef Poe is the President and Its first signee along with artists James Irwin, T-Dubb O, Legend Camp, Indiana Rome and others.  Those who follow Tef Poe will recognize the flow and lyricism. Those who know Tef Poe may also recognize that there is something different in the delivery and perhaps psyche of the emcee. While his lyrics have always been politically charged, there existed a side to the rapper that was heavy into comic books and pop culture references; but evolution has led to revolution as Tef Poe now trots the globe from Oakland to NYC, Geneva to Paris, and now more recently to Palestine speaking on the plight of young black males in the United States. I am certain that supporters can expect more of this approach to music from Tef Poe. This sound can also be heard in the latest DJ Burn One release, Greenwood. On the project Tef is featured on Trinidad James’ song, “This America,” produced by Five Points where the War Machine speaks on current events surrounding his life and his perspective.

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Tef Poe is an award winning columnist, featured in The Source Magazine under Unsigned Hype, and featured in XXL Magazine as a breakthrough artist.  If you haven’t been under a rock for the past 4 years you undoubtedly have heard or seen Tef Poe, the rapper slash activists, slash community organizer boldly raging against the machine. These past few months have been life changing for Tef Poe.  He stepped out on the front lines in ways that others could not and became a strong voice for a movement.


You can follow Tef Poe on Twitter: @Tef Poe

You can follow Tef Poe on Instagram: Tef_Poe


DeWarren Smith