mr west

Many people will peg this track as a diss record but its not.

Basically, I wrote this song because I’m a life long fan of Mr. West. At the same time, I’m also an avid opposer of Donald Trump. The realities of real people are something we can’t ignore as musicians. So many rap artists attempt to perpetuate new aged philosophies that have nothing to do with the plight of everyday people. As a fan of hip hop, I’ve sat back and observed this so many times. Most artists don’t speak out completely because we’re afraid of being black balled or misunderstood.

Kanye changed my life with his music and even made it possible for people like myself to have a space in the culture today. There was once a time where being an alternative wasn’t an option. There was once a time when being creative meant you’d be shunned upon. He’s changed the world time and time again, but lately, its like no one can reach him. For those of us in the trenches lending bodies and souls to the front line of this fight it isn’t game.

I hesitated to release this record because ultimately who wants to make records like this about a person with such a rich legacy. Also, in the grand scheme of things– who am I to speak about a man that’s done so much for the culture?

I have opinions outside of the song, but instead of tweeting my thoughts I decided to openly vent by cutting this freestyle over Nipsey Hussle’s, “Blue Laces 2“. Right now its almost as if there is a rift between the people and the music industry. In the streets, it feels like a bit of a civil war is brewing between rappers and real people. I hear it everyday — hip hop used to be the art form for the disenfranchised. Now its become a new aged populous means of saying nothing and doing nothing. I won’t use this write to talk about Donald Trump.

mr west

Mainly because this entire saga is deeper than the presidency. It’s about a country that has gone rogue when human rights are on the table. America is the new aged Babylon, and as a musician I refuse to not address the things I’m seeing take place in our culture. I’ve sat in jail over my opinions. I’m used to embracing adverse consequences for speaking my mind. Rap is becoming useless in terms of reaching those that need to hear us the most.

I’m praying for the hero’s and shero’s of black music. We need you more than ever. We can’t afford to run and hide any longer because now is a very critical time. Many people will peg this track as a diss record but its not. This is all theatre on a certain level and I decided to participate in the production by speaking for the people that don’t necessarily have a seat at the table. The common folks like myself that don’t always understand neither the Democrats nor Republicans. The people that never really have a real option on the ballot despite the candidate.

I’m a student of Kanye’s and many, many other hip hop legends. Most of them are currently brain dead so its up to us– the new and lesser known artists to push the line.

We need all forms of alternative opinions being present in the culture today. But my opinion stands on the side of this is contrary to his on this issue. This is a message of love from a fan that just so happens to be a emcee. He’s arguably the greatest artist of our generation– I’m simply participating in the conversation.

This song comes from the heart, people have been killed, raped, and jailed behind the actions of #45. As rappers, we can’t allow ourselves to be completely detached from the issues of real people.

I represent the real nigga constituency, and they expect me to say something even if its only a handful of us left.

F*ck Trump.

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