Swatch Holiday 2011 Collection

Swiss fashion brand Swatch presents Swatch Touch 2011, a colorful new collection of trend-setting timekeepers with big-screen LCD dials and a touch-sensitive zone in place of pushbuttons.

Swatch Touch 2011 models give touch-screen access to six digital functions: time (2 zones, t1 & t2), date, chrono, alarm, timer and beep. Users sweep through the functions with ease using finger-taps and sideways scrolls—no pushbuttons—and can activate the screen’s built-in backlight to assure readability under all conditions. Revealing Swiss-made quality throughout, Swatch Touch’s 2011 curved plastic glass display and coloured LCD present Arabic numerals in a big, stylish font designed to fit the shape of the watch. Ergonomic in every detail, the smooth integration of the watch head and strap makes Swatch Touch 2011 a real pleasure to wear.

By far the biggest numerals on the Swatch Touch 2011 screen are the seconds: animated like the seconds hand on an analog watch. They are constantly changing, alive, giving rhythm and a pulse to life in the digital age. They are, in fact, the “heart” of the watch—Swatch on the move. 

Swatch Touch Black, Swatch Touch Camouflage, Swatch Touch Pink, Swatch Touch Blue, Swatch Touch Purple and Swatch Touch White are all $140 each

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