Stix & Ice…..North County’s Newest Frozen Daiquiri Spot

A few weeks ago while taking my daily scroll through Facebook, I noticed a few friends sharing a post about a new daiquiri spot opening up in North County. I was a bit intrigued as I love frozen drinks and with the summer basically here, I knew I would be craving something cold soon. We have Wet Willies and Narwahls that are downtown. Trops has officially made it’s move to the Grove. But what about us North County folks??? Let us thank Stix & Ice for coming through in our time of need.

Stix & Ice opened it’s doors on May 26, 2017 and by the looks of my initial visit…it is just what North County was waiting for. The fact that is black owned and operated just added  more icing to the cake.

Upon my arrival, I loved the laid back environment that Stix & Ice provided. On one side there was table and chairs set up like a restaurant and on the other side was the bar. Just like most establishments, there were TV’s throughout to watch and it also offers a juke box. It almost gives you the vibe of a bar & grill, however there isn’t a full menu.

In my opinion what makes Stix & Ice unique is their food menu. Majority of their menu items are on a stick in the form of a kabob. They have your normal chicken and beef kabobs served over rice. They also offer a seafood kabob. But my mouth watered the moment I saw the chicken and waffle kabob. I was a bit skeptical about how they would get this delectable treat on a stick but they exceeded my expectations. The chicken was seasoned and fried just right. My waffle was cooked to perfection. They added just enough syrup to give you the savory satisfaction without making my waffle soggy. The amount of food served compared to the price paid was more than fair.

After I coated my stomach, it was time to taste some of the frozen daiquiris. Stix & Ice does offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I, of course, dabbled in some of the alcoholic drinks and can I just say…you only need a 1 or 2. But that could just be me. Each daiquiri is served in a small or large cup with the option of a topper. ( I learned that a topper is a premium spirit to enhance your daiquiri.) They allow you to sample the different daiquiri’s before committing as well as mixing up a few of the flavors. I went with the classic strawberry daiquiri and mixed it with the Atomic daiquiri (no topper, lol).  This combination was really good and satisfying because I drunk my large within 15 minutes of receiving it. I felt a slight buzz and that’s when I knew Stix & Ice would be my new go-to spot. Just like the food, the prices of the drinks were great and I believe I got my monies worth.

So Stix & Ice offers great food, great drinks, great prices, and my favorite….GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! While waiting on food, Larry Wilkes, the owner came from behind the bar to chat with customers and to help clean off the tables. A very down to earth person, Mr. Wilkes reminded us to listen for our numbers to pick up our food. His wife came from the kitchen to ask for any feedback regarding the food and asked for any suggestions we may have had. I honestly was so intrigued by my overall experience, I had none.

Stix & Ice is located at 35 Florissant Oaks Shopping Center. Hours are Tues-Thurs 12p-11p, Fri-Sat 12p-1a, and Sun 12p-10p. Happy Hour is everyday from 5p-7p.

Be sure to stay cool and stop in Stix & Ice for a refreshing experience.




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