The No. 1 pick in the NFL draft will not be signed before Thursday’s first round, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Friday.

The St. Louis Rams and expected top pick, quarterback Sam Bradford, will not have a contract in place before the draft.

The Rams don’t think they need to have the player signed and Bradford has been hesitant to complete a deal.

The contract for the No. 1 overall pick will likely be staggering. Bradford’s contract is expected to pay him an average of $13 million a season with roughly $50 million in guaranteed money. These figures are based on the past two drafts, when Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford were the first quarterbacks picked.

Two years ago, the Falcons’ Ryan received $34 million in guaranteed money on a deal that averages $11 million a season. Stafford, who was picked No. 1 last season by the Lions, received $42 million in guaranteed money on his deal, which averages $12 million a season.

The Rams know the numbers and think the player will sign eventually. Bradford wants to see how the draft plays out and if a team such as Cleveland trades up to get him. Such a scenario could provide him with more leverage.

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