BROOKLYN from SNKY/DELUX and his big homie KEVIN MCCOY from WORK/PLAY came up with this idea to do live screenprinting @ SNKY and came up with this dope concept.

The idea of the tee is that StreetWear clothing lines jack other artist’s
type face and designs. Like Supreme got their logo from a lady named
Barbara Kruger. It wasnt meant as a diss, but just keeping inline with
the whole culture of StreetWear and it’s clothing brand’s history.
the concept is that, say, ‘supreme, took this barbara kruger’s typeface…
supreme steals from a dope artist and becomes a dope brand… whose
to say Work/Play steals from supreme and stussy and becomes an even
doper brand. thus, you are what you steal.’



the tees are a limited run (24) and can be purchased for $2o.oo
@ SNKY 1330 WASHINGTON AVE 314-436-1290


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