If you are a sneakerhead, you know it is ingrained in your nature to show off. You collect sneakers not just because you love them dearly, it is also because you want to be the freshest kid on the block. And to share your conquests with your friends and beyond, the only way to do it now seems to either be lugging your haul to a convention, build an obnoxious webpage, or to hold an even more obnoxious open house to your sneaker closet.

Let’s forget about these archaic methods – what if, there is an easier way to connect with your friends and their kicks? What if, your friends can find out the latest recruit in your sneaker force instantaneously just like they can find out about what you had for dinner through your Facebook status? Now with SneakerWare, there is an easier way to go about sharing your sneakers.

Think of SneakerWare as a Facebook designed specifically with sneakers and their ardent collectors in mind – SneakerWare allows each sneakerhead to create his or her own mobile profile where they can connect with their friends, make new ones, and stalk their kicks. Users will be able to interact with their friends and other members, and further more, SneakerWare comes with several unique functions catering to a sneakerhead’s every dream and whim.

To download the app free visit – HERE.

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