It’s that time of year again! The days are longer, the flowers are in bloom, and the sun comes out more. At one point, you had texts coming in faster than you could respond. But now, your cellphone begins to resemble the Sahara Desert and you receive more dry, infrequent texts. As the cold, winter nights’ end, and the humid, summer days begin to peek around the corner, curving season creeps upon us.

Not to be confused with its counterpart we know as cuffing season. Curving season solidifies the time of year where relationship goals become obsolete until fall/winter season finds us again.

Warmer weather coupled with a constant need to be outside of the house, suddenly has people feeling like there’s no real rush to return a call or text during the summer. For some, curving season begins sometime around April or May, while others begin preparing as the first tease of winter starts to disappear.

With no gift giving holidays as incentives to stay locked in, a lot of contact list space frees up, while Netflix & chill becomes an afterthought. Though some may dismiss “curving season” as some sort of myth, check and see how many of your friends suddenly begin to have relationship problems when the weather hits 60 degrees or higher. 

Sit back and peep how many of their boo thangs start acting funny. You’ll see that people are cutting ties as we brace ourselves for shorter skirts and muscles shirts to be on full display.

During these summer months, most are looking for temporary hookups or just plain summer fun. Though there is nothing wrong with finding “the one” during this season, just know there is a possibility it could end in the other person mysteriously disappearing until cuffing season comes back around. Trying to lock someone down during the summer days is damn near impossible, and as hard as it may be, there are feelings to stray away from.

If you are unsure how to navigate through this time of year, here are some tips to surviving curving season.


1. Shed Excess Winter Weight

This is the perfect time to delete some of those old prospects who never quite made the roster. You know who I’m referring to. The “hey stranger” committee members who never really return texts fast enough, or the few stragglers you’ve been trying to shake. We all have them or have been that person, so what better time to start fresh than during curving season. Deleting these folks will give you a fresh perspective and will open your mind up to meeting new people to have a little fun with.

2. Become a Socialite

Start RSVP’ing to everything because if you’re out of the house having fun, you won’t be worrying about if a person has responded or the fact it’s taking them too long to respond. Attend parties, brunch with friends, or even try something new you may have never thought to try. This is the perfect time of year to test out that new meetup group meeting you’ve been dying to attend. Besides, you never know if you may meet that person who could become a new summer prospect.

3. Swipe Left, Swipe Right

We all know what this saying is and we’ve all done it, so why not give it another go. Since most people avoid being locked down during the summer, you should be open-minded to dating more. All prospects don’t need to turn into the love of your life, so keep your options open. Update your dating site profile that you’ve been ignoring since cuffing season. Take a new selfie and give it another go as you put yourself out there again. The more time you spend texting those new prospects back, the less time you will have to focus on the responses you aren’t getting. Just remember there are better looking men and women out there with more to offer than the one who’s playing games with you.

4. Set up your Roster

So, you’ve gotten a ton of responses from that new profile pic you put up, great! Now it’s time to get that roster organized as you begin adding names to it. Putting everyone in their perspective categories will make this season’s fun a lot easier. Knowing who your movie buddies, dinner candidates, and friend’s night dates are the better off you will be. Separate but equal is the goal as you have different people for different purposes. Again, having a rotation of people to choose from also keeps you from being focused on one person and slipping into the cuffing season mind frame.

 5. Be Alert

You know the best way to know if you’re being curved is to pay attention to their behavioral patterns. Most people will talk a good game, but their actions will never fail them. If they are giving you that 2-hour text response game, chances are they aren’t very interested, or you are one of many being texted and you aren’t a priority. Either way pay attention to the signs and act accordingly. The best way to keep from being the extra clingy person is to keep those eyes open and move like they’re moving with you.

6. Feelings check, Please

Remember when I said most people are looking for temporary hookups and summer fun? This would be where most people get caught up and become a victim of the “why they aint texting me back” syndrome. Out of all the tips, this is the most important. Keeping your feelings in check will first keep you from being put on the no call list. It also helps you not turn into a baby stalker.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing with reciprocating feelings if they are being shown, but if you’re out there being a Lone Feeling Ranger, you need to keep it together. Save all those mushy feelings for cuffing draft season when you need them. For now, throw him or her a smile, a quick text and carry on with your life until it’s cold again. Until next time…



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