sauce on the Side


Sauce on the Side

I haven’t tasted anything like this in STL since we have been here.  I had the Magic Carpet ride, all mushrooms with ricotta and some other cheese and they give the sauce on the side, duh, and it was so good I wanted a cup of it.  I actually suggested they sell their sauces because they could just do that and be millionaires, screw the calzones!  But the calzones are made with this magical bread that soaks up the sauce and makes it orgasmic, oh, and they need to make breadsticks and serve it with the garlic sauce, thats another million dollar idea!

Its pretty inside.  The blue colored wall gives the place life and the stools at the bar look so uncomfy, being metal and sleek and gorgeous, but they actually were not bad, I didn’t hate it once!

I love this place and they have wine and beer, so I can see us coming here probably at least twice a week, and then the other 5 days we will just order DELIVERY from there, because thats happening very soon.  Of course I am being dramatic to a certain extent, but you will know why when you try this place.[yelp]

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