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Never in my many trips around the sun, have I had a movie experience like this one. This is an elegant ballet of cinema, wrapped in high brow fan service.

It seems like The Russo Brothers knew they were at edge of the precipice of theatrical history, jumped off the edge and flew into the sun. Avengers: Endgame is a work of art. If you thought Marvel outdid themselves with Infinity War, my friend, you haven’t seen a thing. The entire flick is a four page love letter written directly to it’s niche audience.

From the characters left alive in the last one growing spiritually, to the lighting motifs, to the accompanying score, to the metaphor behind Stan Lee’s cameo, this epic event leaves no stone unturned. Being that it’s basically three hours long, their naturally are some spots in the film some would consider “dry” if they aren’t immersed in the 21 plot lines from the previous linked movies. My opinion? If you bought the ticket, take the ride. Everything done and said in this Magnum opus of series finales serves a purpose; so just enjoy what it offered. After eleven years of solid dedication, and watching Marvel/Kevin Feige work tirelessly to figure out how to deliver these stories to us whether right or wrong or good or The Inhumans, WE EARNED THIS!!! So many Easter eggs, you can’t watch this just once. You get dizzy attempting to absorb everything they put on the screen at once. Tears kept rolling down my face. I’m serious. From start to stop, the entire piece is like almost every genre of film combined.

I am not over hyping this thing. I’m pretty sure Endgame is going to make $3 billion. No cap. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, RDJ, Scarlett Johanson, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner redefined characters theyve played for a decade. I cannot recommend this enough to the ones who want to see it. This will be seen as one of the greatest epics ever made. Mark my well written words.

From the original Favre-directed Iron Man film to Endgame, Marvel officially has the best saga of all time. Bigger than Lord of the Rings. Bigger than Harry Potter. Bigger than Hunger Games. Bigger than Star Wars, even (yeah I said it). No saga in film history has ever accomplished this thru 20+ films. Go see Avengers: Endgame. Do it for yourself. See it a couple times so you don’t miss anything, then talk about it with a friend. I’m going to go find something else amazing to tell you to watch. Talk soon.