Meet Serial Entrepreneur, Bona Fide Hustler and Author of 6 Highly Effective Strategies For Making 6 Figures As A Nurse Princess Lomax

Princess Lomax is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has devoted her life to the health and wellness of others. Utilizing her many licenses, certifications and accomplishments through higher learning, Princess now educates others in the healthcare profession on strategies to maximize their income. She has mastered the art of generating a six-figure income through her career as a registered nurse and she finds joy in helping others do the same. In her debut book, Princess Lomax shares her 6 signature strategies to making 6 figures as a nurse. Using industry insight along with her personal experience, Princess shares practical tools to help you grow your income, save more and spend less.

In this highly informative guide, Nurse Practitioner Princess Lomax shares insight on how to produce a six-figure income as a nurse. This is a quick read that anyone in the medical profession can gain some useful knowledge from.

What made you decide to write a how to/tips book?

Starting my career as a nurse, I was faced with a lot of challenges like trying to figure out which area to work in that would provide me with the greatest compensation and ways to make additional money. Because this was a trial and error time for me, I decided to put it in writing for all the new nurses that I’ve been blessed to mentor over the years.

What were some of the challenges you faced in the book publishing process? 

Initially I started to self publish, however after speaking with a friend, I was convinced to use a female black owned publishing company which probably wasn’t the best thing to do. 

What has the feedback been from those who’ve read the book?

I’m grateful and blessed that 90% of the feedback has been phenomenal. New as well as novice nurses have provided feedback that the book was extremely helpful and provided them information for furthering their education in the nursing field. 

What advice can you give to other budding serial entrepreneurs?

The advice I would give other budding serial entrepreneurs is keep God first and never stop believing in you. Never give up on your hopes and dreams and with hard work and dedication, your goals will become accomplishments added to your memoirs.

What’s next from Princess Lomax?

There are so many things next for Princess Lomax, but to keep things short and sweet, there is a Doctoral degree, a Wellness Spa, Brunch and or Sports Bar, and reality TV in the near future with Princess Lomax’s name on it. 

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