As i was doing my daily round of Twitter lurking.. Yes I said lurking, (and don’t even pretend that you don’t!) I came across a tweet that really shook me up. Someone tweeted that one of his followers fatally stabbed another girl at Bowie State University over an iPod. I’ve heard of shootings at Walmart over Play Stations, but an iPod??? At first I couldn’t believe it but I asked the “man” with all the answers, Google, and he confirmed that there had been a stabbing, at one of the residency halls at the school. Which brings me to my next point, “Why?” What is wrong with people? Has technology become that powerful that it is making people take other people’s lives over something that is worth nothing? In return for taking something that is clearly priceless, like a life? The exact details have not been confirmed wether it was over an iPod or not but it shouldn’t matter. A life is a life. PSA: If you ever feel the urge to kill someone over any piece of technology please seek help IMMEDIATELY!

For more info on the stabbing visit here.

So I am putting a song with this and it’s a song by Jessie J entitled “Price Tag.” It basically has nothing to do with what I am talking about but in a way it does. Life has no “Price Tag” so just stop being so serious, and just smile.


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