Franco LatinoAccording to the Business Journal, Ozzie’s sports bar will be opening in the East Bank Lofts Building at 1511 Washington.  The restaurant is slated to open by the Cardinals’ home opener on April 12 and will take two stories of the building with room to display Ozzie Smith’s 13 Gold Gloves.

Ozzie’s will be run by Roberto Gallardo, whose father, Ramon, operated the previous incarnation of Ozzie’s at Westport Plaza.  That restaurant closed this fall after a 20-year run.

A few years ago, this space was supposed to house a restaurant by renowned Idaho chef John Mortimer, but the deal never came to fruition.

While downtown is undoubtedly a superior location than Westport for Ozzie’s, the loft district strikes me as an interesting choice.  It’s just a block away from another sports bar, Flannery’s, and is fairly close to the Over/Under as well.  Wouldn’t Cupples Station or a spot closer to Busch Stadium have been better?

Regardless, it will be great to have this St. Louis institution downtown, where it should have been all along.

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