If you love BAPE clothing then make room in your closet for Original Fake by Kaws. Short for Kawsone, Kaws is the master mind behind the daring and interesting artwork of each clothing line. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Kaws took the concept of his pop art and matched it with the preppy look that has taken urban fashion by storm. He contributes to this trend with his designs from your typical America cartoons such as The Simpsons and Mickey Mouse by adding his own twist to the traditional skull and bones and the insignia “Chomper”.

“Chomper” is the logo Kaws’ created that resembles cartoon teeth. He adds this detail to the inside of jeans, straps on a tote bag and other accessories. Much like his art work Kaws’ designs are odd but distinctive which makes for a bigger fashion statement.

The clothing line Original Fake features basic knits, t-shirts, denim and outerwear which include his staple items the varsity jacket, washed denim and “chomper” print tees. Kaws, designs are simple but intricate that reflects his artwork. Much like the BAPE clothing line, each piece of Original Fake clothing comes with its own personal style and twist on today’s fashion. I mean why be fake when you can be the original.

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