Unless you were hiding under a rock this past weekend, you had to have gotten wind of the Obama beard picture that circulated faster than gossip on a Saturday morning. For eight years, Barack Obama was not only the Commander in Chief of the United States, but he managed to steal the hearts of quite a few women as our 44th President.

This past Saturday, The Shade Room snagged a photoshopped picture of Obama with a salt and pepper beard and it went viral. Needless to say, ladies were more than excited to see the handsome president we’d come to love looking debonair as ever.

In a matter of hours, the photo had surfaced on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. “Obama and Michelle still together? I’m just asking for a friend! LOL,” one Facebook user wrote. 

“Dayum Barack #BeardGang,” With another adding, “Come on Barack shine thru!! Yes!!”


The more the picture circulated, many began to wonder if the photo was photoshopped or if it was indeed authentic. Not long after, word got out The Shade Room frequently posted pictures of famous people who would look good with beards. Still, this didn’t stop women from apologizing to the former First Lady, for lusting over her husband.

Unfortunately, for the ladies and Obama, the former president admitted in a past interview he couldn’t grow facial hair.

Oh well, a girl can dream!



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